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The Biggest Loser 3 - Episode 2 Summary

'The Beach Chronicles' By Cyndimaus
Original Airdate: September 27, 2006

Previously: We are given a long recarp which goes into great detail about the first episode. The show starts with 50 people, one from each U.S. state. Almost immediately 14 are chosen by the trainers, Bob and not-Jillian. The remaining 36 are told that while they are going home, the game isn’t over for them. They’ll work at losing weight at home and the man and woman with the biggest loss will come back to the ranch at the end.

Bob and not-Jillian jump right in with their teams and start working them hard. At the weigh-in Brian’s 23 pound loss cinches the victory for the blue team. Heather melts down and blames Jen for the red team’s loss. Jen is sent home but continued to lose weight at home. (she’s looking good!)

Total combined weight loss so far is 206 pounds.

On with the show (finally).

Both teams discuss the elimination. Red pretty much agrees that it sucked to have to send someone home. Kai tells us she would like to see the red team unified like the blue team is and get along better.

*cue foreshadowing edit*

Tiffany, of the blue team, says that the red team is not a force to be reckoned with, they aren’t as unified as the blue team is.

Nelson (red) tells us that the blue team thinks they have the upper hand, but that he is not going to disappoint himself or the great state of Massachusetts.

Marty (blue) also expresses state pride and tells us that he feels he’s doing the state of Missouri proud. He wants to give it his all.

The next morning not-Jillian cheerily greets the red team, who are sprawled sleepily on the couches and chairs. She tells us she wants them to feed off her positive energy (any energy at this point would be a good thing). She says she they can’t get down from losing one weigh-in and they need to pick themselves up and start over.

She continues to try to motivate them and excitedly tells them, “We’re gonna train at the beach all week!”


Red team, still sprawled, express either shock or disinterest at her news. She tells us that it’s a lot of work to run in the sand.

Over with the blue team, Bob walks in and immediately tells them to pack their stuff, they’re going to the beach. Blue team erupts in cheers and Melinda excitedly tells us that she’s thrilled to see the Pacific Ocean, since she’s never been to California before being on the ranch. Several of the blue team express their feelings of previous experiences of being on the beach at the sizes they are.

Ken (red) receives news that his son, Sean (age 19), is in the ICU, probably due to an infection from surgery he had a few weeks earlier. He calls not-Jillian into the hall and tells her about it. He’s very emotional and not-Jillian comforts him. She tells us that she is heartbroken for him and that he is faced with a tough decision about staying on the ranch or going to his family, but he is the only one who can make that decision.

After a commercial break we see a replay of Ken and not-Jillian’s conversation and he tells her he’s decided to stay on the ranch and that he needs to get to working out.

Ken tells his news to the red team and they take it hard and are crying with him. They pray with him. Blue team also is there with him. Pam (red) tells us that it was a reminder for all of them about how far from home they really are.

Ken tells us that he made the decision to stay cause he knew he wouldn’t be able to do anything for his son back home.

Everyone packs up and walks out the front door to see two red and two blue convertibles, suitable for travel and high adventure. They pile in and head out for their drive to the beach.

Bob explains to us that they’re going to the beach cause you don’t always have to work out in a gym. The beach can be a really hard workout place too.

*cue foreshadowing edit*

To illustrate the good time they’re having, the teams are shown having fun as they drive. As they pull into the parking lot, the lead car, blue and driven by Bob, loses a hubcap. They laugh about it.

After exiting their cars they discover red and blue tents, red and blue canvas chairs and tables set up on the beach for them.

Melinda (blue) says, “I was thinking this is gonna be fun. How hard can a workout on the beach be?”

*cue workout*

Bob has the blue team working hard. They army crawl across the sand, do pushups with their hands on picnic benches, run in the sand, carry large pieces of driftwood across the beach and crab-walk.

Tiffany tells that Bob is finding things for them to use as fitness equipment.

With red team, not-Jillian has them doing a more traditional workout. She tells us she decided to have them do a circuit workout and do everything that they have learned in the gym. Wylie moans and groans throughout the workout and is pushed hard by not-Jillian.

Bob tells us that Eric is a classic example of what he feels he does well. Eric gets frustrated and wants to stop but he can talk to him man to man to pick himself up and keep going. We see shots of him encouraging Eric. Bob tells us that he just has to tap into the inner strength that Eric already has.

Not-Jillian tells the red team that there is something special waiting down the beach for them and that they should hop up and run there.

Bob casually tells the blue team to head down the beach, there’s something there. As they walk away he calls out, “Remember, if you play you pay and you do not want to pay me back.” Bob tells us he’s proud of them and that can handle any temptation to come their way.

The teams walk down the beach to discover their first temptation. The sand is covered with different sand castles. In front of them is a sign which reads:

Pick a castle and dig
There are three types of treasure below

A chocolate treat
-175 calories-

A carrot stick
-30 calories-


Everyone stands there for a few minutes, stunned. Immunity is huge. Then they wake up and break into team huddles to decide what to do.

Blue team talks a bit about how the chocolate is only 175 calories and they could work it off. Bobby seems to be the one who wants most to do it. The rest of the team is unsure. They talk some more, recalling Bob’s parting words to them. They are concerned about what would happen to the person who found the immunity and express the hope that no one would think that person was slacking off because of the immunity.

Red team starts out really debating about it. It sounds like many of them want to do it, especially Pam, who tells us she really doesn’t’ want to go home. They end up deciding not to do it, after talking Pam into going along with them. They walk away, saying that not-Jillian will be really proud of them.

*cue foreshadowing edit*

Shortly after the red team leaves, the blue team also walks away, stating, “Why bother to get immunity when you’re going to win anyway.” (talking about the weigh-in) This is restated back at the camp with the trainers. Bob even tells us that they don’t need immunity because they are working together like a tight-knit team.

They then prepare for a barbie on the beach. (I’m sorry, but a Wiggles song keeps going through my head: Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, barbie on the beach.)

Not-Jillian says that by the time you have a burger, bun, potato salad and macaroni salad you’re looking at 2500 calories minimum.

Bob says you don’t need all the fat-filled crap people usually think they need at a barbecue.

The teams then learn how to have a healthy barbecue and we learn some handy-dandy facts to help us be healthy too. (neatly labeled at the bottom of the screen for us) We learn that there is more calcium in romaine lettuce and that fat-free mayo has 76% less calories than regular mayo.

*36 people losing weight at home update*

We meet Adrian from North Dakota. She has a bikini hanging on the wall as motivation and will soon be graduating from college. She began her weight-loss journey feeling very unconfident and alone. At week two she is more positive, telling herself she can do it. Week three finds her crying after having no results. She feels so alone. But each week after that gets better and we see various shots of her wearing pants that are now too big for her. She is losing weight and inches and is almost at the weight she was in high school. She’s looking good.

*end update*

It’s morning on the beach and Bob has the blue team doing yoga. They are focused and following directions well. Bobby tells us he’s never done yoga before and won’t be doing it again. Melinda tells us she loves yoga and could do it for the rest of her life.

Not-Jillian also has her team doing yoga. But there is giggling and a lack of focus. She keeps calling for them to focus. Nelson tells us he’s not a yoga fan.

*cue foreshadowing edit*

Pam tells us that they aren’t as perfectionist as the blue team.

Not-Jillian is getting frustrated with the red teams laughter and inattention. She’s mad and decides to drop the hammer on them. She abruptly halts yoga and shouts at them to start running. They look at her in shock. She continues to yell at them, encouraging them to keep going and do better.

Kai tells us, “I’m not so fond of being yelled at when I’m trying to do something. It just makes me want to sit down and tell you to shut up. It doesn’t’ make me want to run more.”

Not-Jillian then gives them each a garbage bag to fill with sand. Then they have to run across the sand carrying their bag. She tells us she’s tired of hearing them complain.

Nelson is exuding attitude (and it ain’t the good kind!). He tells us that they (the red team) envy Bob’s relationship with the individuals on the blue team. He believes in them. (we see more shots of not-Jillian shouting at them)

It’s time for the challenge. Down the beach they find , 14 feet up, their team flags. They have to make a pile of sand tall enough for one of their team members to reach the flag. The first team to get their flag will win and be able to choose one person from the blue to sit out the weigh-in. (blue team has one more member than the red team) As additional motivation, since the task will be difficult, the winning team will get to open up care packages from their loved-ones. We see shots of tear-filled eyes.

*36 people losing weight at home update*

We meet Ken from North Dakota. Upon leaving the ranch he felt like he had lost and that he didn’t achieve his purpose but then he realized that he still does have a purpose to achieve. “I’m not gonna stay at the ranch but I’ll still do better than all of them there. Every time he’s shown working out he has someone there with him, encouraging and helping him. He shows us his goal shirt hanging on the wall and by week 7 can fit into it.

*end update*

Before the challenge begins, blue team must choose someone to sit out the challenge in order to have and even number on both teams. They choose Brian, who is glad because his knee is “out of whack” and he was afraid he would hold his team back. But it’s hard to just sit there and do nothing.

The challenge begins and each team uses the two pieces of canvas provided for them to carry sand back to their mat.

20 minutes in and no one is close, although they both try.

40 minutes and both teams try for the flag. Not even close. They each discover that if they sit around their pile and lean on it, it is more stable to stand on.

Red team is arguing and swearing. Blue team is calm and working together well.

Red team tries for the flag and Wiley is fallen on and cries out in pain. After a commercial break we see a medic coming to check him out. Everyone stops working on the challenge until Wiley is deemed to be okay and decides to go on. Then we’re back on again.

66 minutes and both teams try for their flag. Both fail. (blue almost touched their flag)

Later both teams try again and red gets up first and reaches their flag. The win and immediately collapse in a pile, crying hysterically.

Blue team is understandably bummed but encourage each other. They walk away and the red team sits down to open up their packages. They do it one at a time and watch each other. They get various pictures and drawings from family members. There are a lot of tears. They say this is exactly what their team needs.

*36 people losing weight at home update*

We meet John from Arizona. We see a shot of him on the ranch and then it cuts to him as he is now and he’s looking like a totally different person. He’s lost about 80 pounds. He was diagnosed as type 2 diabetic and goes to the doctor for another check up and finds out he’s successfully controlling it with just diet and exercise and hasn’t had to take any medication.

*end update*

Back at the ranch, Pam (red) tells us that the best part of the beach was leaving it. “As pretty as it is I don’t ever want to work out there again.”

Not-Jillian walks into the ranch and finds the red team. They shout out to her that they won the challenge and she tells them, “Let’s finish the week off by winning the weigh-in.” She tells us she’s going to use every last ounce of that momentum so they can win the weigh-in.

The blue team is bummed that they lost but Bob encourages them, saying they’ll work hard to win the weigh-in.

*cue ominous foreshadowing edit*

Later, the blue team is working out hard. Marty doesn’t’ think their momentum has been broken by losing the challenge. During the workout Bob says, “We’re gonna win this weigh-in, aren’t we Eric?”

Huffing and puffing, Eric replies, “I might die first.”

Bob explains to them that when you’re feeling down working out gets the endorphins moving and makes things more manageable. He gives them a pep talk, saying, “Let them win the challenge, you’re gonna win the weigh-in.”

Later on many of the members of both teams are showing off their goal clothes to each other.

At a meal Bob hawks vitamins to the blue team. (blatant product placement, anyone?)

*cue ominous foreshadowing edit*

Blue team heads to the gym for their last chance work-out and Bob reminds them that week two is usually the toughest with weight-loss. They are confident they will win.

Red team is working out like mad and are determined to beat the blue team.

At the weigh-in the red team, as the winner of the challenge, chooses Eric to sit out the weigh-in. His weight will not count towards his team’s total. Red team states that they chose Eric because he didn’t lose a lot of weight last week and they are hoping he’ll put up a big number this week. (cause it won’t count)

Eric: previous-391, current-375, loss-16, total-32
Marty: previous-345, current-329, lost-16, total-35
Amy: previous-244, current-236, lost-8, total-24
Melinda: previous-225, current-221, lost-4, total-15
Tiffany: previous-243, current-236, lost-7, total-19
Brian: previous-285, current-277, lost-8, total-31
Bobby: previous-303, current-291, lost-12, total-30

Blue team total pounds lost: 55
Blue team percentage: 3.34%

Red team must lose more than 57 pounds in order to win the weigh-in

Pam: previous-237, current-231, lost-6, total-15
Heather: previous-214, current-206, lost-8, total-17
Nelson: previous-385, current-370, lost-15, total-34
Kai: previous-250, current-238, lost-12, total-24
Wylie: previous-293, current-275, lost-18, total-34
Ken: previous-340, current-320, lost-20, total-38

Red team total pounds lost: 79
Red team percentage: 4.60%

Red team wins the challenge and blue team must go to the elimination room. Blue is surprised they lost. Melinda tells us she is ashamed, “we were decimated.”

Pam (red) thought the blue team was getting cocky about their weight-loss.

As the blue team member with the biggest weight-loss, Marty is immune from the vote.

The next day the trainers come to find out the results of the weigh-in. Not-Jillian finds the red team, who have decided to fake her out. They give her low weight-loss numbers and she’s believing them. But they can’t keep it up for long and scream out that they won.

Bob is shocked the blue team lost but he immediately encourages them, asking them their total loss since being there and reminds them that they are still winners because they are still losing weight.

We are then treated to a music montage of workouts and confessions from each blue team member about not wanting to go home and needing to stay at the ranch.

They sit and talk quite calmly about the criteria for sending someone home. It’s very hard for them to choose someone. They all agree no one deserves to go home.

As they head to the elimination room the blue team is very somber. Even Caroline picks up on the mood and comments on how hard it must be for them, as it seems they’ve really bonded. They chat a bit about how hard the decision is. Then we reveal the votes. Each person, as they reveal their votes emphasize that they didn’t want to vote for anyone on their team and are only voting because they have no choice.

Melinda and Tiffany vote for each other. Bobby, Brian and Amy vote for Tiffany. This is enough votes to eliminate Tiffany and we aren’t shown Wylie or Marty’s votes, although we can probably safely assume that they both voted for Tiffany. She leaves and the light on her name goes out. Everyone is sad.

In Tiffany’s update we learn she has lost a total of 33 pounds (this includes both what she lost at the ranch and at home after leaving). She has plateaued but isn’t discouraged. She’s made a lot of changes and her goal is to lose 50 more pounds.

Next week Biggest Loser will be on at 9. And you won’t want to miss it since the challenge for this week will be on a cruise ship. The teams will be the crew for the ship. Unbeknownst to them, their families are the passengers, but only the winners of the challenge will see them.

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