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Last Comic Standing 4 - Episode 5 Summary

'How Many Comics Does it Take To Sink a Ship?' By Cyndimaus
Original Airdate: June 20, 2006

Hello and welcome to the fifth episode of Last Comic Standing 4 and the first one which doesn't involve auditions and the disapointment that accompanies them when many truly funny comics are passed over in order to fill the right demographics. In that vein, last week we were treated to the last of the semi-final shows where the last of the 12 comics were chosen to live in the "house" (which we all know isn't a house....was that supossed to be a surprise?)

Okay, on to this week's show. We open with a nice shot of a short, yellow bus driving down the freeway. Short bus? Is that any reflection on the occupants of said bus? On closer examination we see that it just may be. None of the comics have any idea where they are going. (heaven forbid they would actually go to the "house" where they'll be staying. Not the first big surprise in the fact they'll be living together while they compete...hmm, where are they going?)

Roz reflects that LCS will do great things for her career. Rebecca, also waxing eloquent, raves about how she loves tiny things and how she is sharing a seat with 2 other ladies, thus placing her in a not-so-comfortable spot.

They pull up in front of the Queen Mary. Rebecca loves seeing the ship. Chris tells us it is weird seeing a ship that doesn't move. Josh tells us that someone is going overboard but he's not saying who. We get the lovely voice-over rundown by our favorite guy, Anthony Clark. He tells all about the Queen Mary and that the comics will be living on it during the competition (we are shocked, of course). We also find out that they will compete in various challenges and that each week there will be a head-to-head competition between three comics, with two of them going home. This will continue until there are only 6 comics left and then we, America, will get to vote. (we are thrilled, of course)

Everyone boards the ship and checks out their new digs. They are awed by the splendor of the ship until they see their rooms. This ain't no mansion, kids. Decent size rooms for a ship but twin beds that are only inches apart. This sparks some comedic comments by some (Josh says if Gabriel, his roommate, rolls over he's dead). He and Gabriel have fun, with Gabriel carrying Josh into their room, saying, "This is love."

Roz and Stella are sharing a room and Stella says some not-so-nice things about Roz in a twin bed. Roz says she has two roommates (refering to Stella's unborn child), one is sweet and the other is sour. She would rather sleep on a dock than share a room with Stella.

Everyone goes to dinner in a large dining hall with a long table in it. They are served their dinner as they all check each other out, wondering who they can beat. There is much tension in the room. Kristen tells us that she can't imagine anyone wanting to win as much as she does since they all have established careers with money rolling in.

Soon Rebecca makes a toast, saying some nice things. Stella, not to be outdone, also gives a toast but isn't so nice. Everyone seems a bit shocked by this. Chris calls Stella a female dog. Stella tells us she isn't afraid of any of them, although her facial expressions tell us different.

The next day everyone is hanging out on the deck and Joey cracks those nearby up by jumping over a wall, pretending he's jumping overboard and then laying on the deck as though he's dead.

Cut to the gypsy lady in the box with the magical cards that give clues about the upcoming challenge. Bill does the honors and reads the card: "Boo me once, shame on you, Boo me twice and it's gonna get ugly." Yup, that was just so insightful and clever.How do they come up with this stuff? Everyone starts talking about the ship being haunted and that the challenge has to do with a ghost, although some say it's about an audience.

It's all about heckling. We are so glad Anthony is explaining this to us. Names will be drawn, with half being performers and half being hecklers. At the end the audience will vote for their favorite performer and heckler. Each will win immunity. He pulls out a rubber chicken, which holds all the names. He does get a few laughs from the comics (I think mostly because it was unexpected) After everyone is assigned they go to seperate performer/heckler green rooms to wait for their turns.

Chris is to heckle Josh and is confident in his heckling abilities. But he isn't sure is he should poke fun at Josh's CP because he doesn't want America to hate him. He and Josh are up first. Chris is seated in the audience as Josh begins. He does a good job of heckling and makes Josh laugh but some of Josh's comebacks make Chris laugh. The audience laughs and enjoys the interchange.

Next is Kristen as comic and Michelle as heckler. They banter back and forth with breast jokes. After this is Rebecca as comic and Roz as heckler. Roz goes to town on Rebecca and gets a lot more laughs. (she also talked a lot more) Next is Gabriel as comic and Bill as heckler. Gabriel gets one joke out and Bill gets one rather lame "heckle" out before we move on to the next pair. Ty is comic and Stella is the heckler. This was also short but Ty got in a good shot at Stella, saying he was being heckled by "Hosanne". Next is April as comic and Joey as heckler. Joey doesn't say one word. Everyone is totally shocked by this. He says he wants to stand on his own merits and thinks he made a good choice. April isn't sure if she can use all the good stuff she came up with when it's her turn to heckle Joey.

The hecklers and comics switch places. We start with Bill as comic and Gabriel as heckler. Gabriel laughs hysterically for Bill's entire set (and gets the audience going a bit too). This seems to throw Bill off a bit. Next is Stella as comic and Ty as heckler. We aren't shown much. (don't think we missed much, either) They are followed by Roz as comic and Rebecca as heckler. I don't think Rebecca thinks fast on her feet cause her heckles were rather lame and she kept repeating the same thing over and over. Roz laughs at her. The audience doesn't seem to find Rebecca's heckling funny. Next is Joey as comic and April as heckler. Joey has some good comebacks to April. Michelle as comic and Kristen as heckler are next. The audience seems to enjoy their interchange. Last is Chris as comic and Josh as heckler. Chris has some good reponses to Josh's heckles and the audience enjoys them. (I found them funny too)

The audience votes and we are very tense as we wait (we are, aren't we?) Anthony informs us that Roz won as heckler and that Kristen lost by one vote to Chris as comic (Kristen was funnier than all but one person? I don't get it). Roz and Chris have immunity. Kristen says she is now in the hot seat.

Back on the ranch....I mean ship, Bill tells us that now some people feel that they're being targeted. Chris tells us people will start getting cutthroat. (this information shocks us since these types of things never happen on a reality show) Roz tells us that she is not inviting drama today. (and because we are all familiar with the not-so-subtle foreshadowing edit we know to expect some drama) Surprise, we get drama! Stella hears Roz complaining about her and confonts Roz. There is much shouting. Some of the men end up trying to calm things down. Roz tells us, "I let her get under my skin and it got ugly" (ya think?)

After the commercial we are shown various shots of the ship, ending with the boiler room, which is where we will be each week for the voting. It's just a beautiful set, I might add. (not) Anthony explains to all of us how the voting works. (person with the most votes picks two people and those three go to the head-to-head....yada, yada, yada) We wake up and the voting begins. The votes are revealed and they go like this:

I think I'm funnier than...
Roz - Stella
Chris - Michelle
Ty - Stella
Bill -Michelle (he says Ant first, which draws laughs and a bubble of Ant looking shocked/pleased)
Rebecca - Bill
Michelle - Stella
Stella - April
Josh - Stella
Kristen - Michelle
April - Michelle
Joey - April (tells April his not heckling her was a choice he would have made no matter who he had been paired with)
Gabriel - Rebecca (he drew her name from his hat. She exclaims, "Aww, brutal!"

Our tally? Michelle and Stella are tied with 4 votes each. Together they decide who to bring along and they pick April. (they could choose between Bill, Ty, April, Kristen, and Josh) They go to pack.

As we wait for the head-to-head to begin April tells us that she believes she's the strongest one and she is confident in her material. She also tells us that she has no business in comedy if she can't beat Stella and Michelle Stella tells us she would be happy to take on Roz if she comes back. (that would be too fun to watch so she probably won't be coming back) Michelle tells the other ladies not to say bad things about her if she doesn't come back but to say kind things.

And we begin.

Stella is first and does gay jokes, women jokes and marriage put-down jokes. She gets minimal laughs for her routine. Michelle is next and tells New York jokes, car/career jokes and airplane/nailclipper/drunk pilot jokes. She gets more laughs than Stella. April is last. She tells age/responsibility jokes and dating/tight clothing jokes.

The audience votes (we are enthralled) and Anthony gives us the results. First one eliminated, with the lowest votes, is Stella. She tells us the other comics will be thrilled. The next one eliminated is April and she tells us she's happy she wasn't the worst (and some blah blah about women being as damaged as men). Michelle wins with 83% of the vote. She seems surpised that she won and tells us that she thinks she won some respect. She also wins $1000.

Tune in next week for a night of temptation. We have dancers that Ty doesn't know are twins for a long time because he wasn't looking at their faces. The voice-over dramatically tells us that the comics will question who they are and what they've become. There will be tougher challenges. But will there be comedy? Tune in next week to find out!

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