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Beg, Borrow & Deal 1 - Episode 1 Summary

'Summer In The City' By survivorscott

Summer in the City

The lights dim,heart pumping music starts, the lasers fill the arena, and from a tunnel on the far side of the arena comes a bright light and smoke.
Ladies and Gentlemen, This is your BEG, BORROW, AND DEAL STARTING LINE UP:
at starting Host,from ESPN, Rich ich ich Eisen,
From Los Angeles, age 25 Jooooooooooooooosh
From New York, age 25, JUliet t t t t
From East Lansing, age 22 Kellllllllllllllllie
From Greenville, age 27 Bub b b b b b aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the Green/Cobi Team
and now your Contact/Red Team
From West Hollywood, age 24, Katieeeeeeeeee
also from West Hollywood, age 28 Juliannnn
From Antioch, age 25 Aubbbbbreyy
and finally Age 28, from Waterbury, TONYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
Lets get ready to Rumble!!

The show starts by waking the eight contestants up in the middle of the night to tell them they made the show and it would begin that day. Apparently they didn't show the contestants who didn't make it, they must still be waiting in their rooms.
Rich Eisen meets the contestants in Time Square to give the contestants their "Leather Pelt" with the list of tasks ( The contestans must perform 10 of the forty tasks listed.They also take the time to explain one of the main rules, 1 Favor, 1 Person, 12 Hours, basicaly they can get one favor from one person and have 12 hours to use that favor. You can use someone's cell phone, but you then can't get a ride from them. Other rules seem to be you can do only one task per state, and the Run Of The House Rule, where if someone puts you up, you can get the run of their house for 12 hours, not litteraly but you can use all they have to offer, that the host of the house is willing to allow the teams to do, phone, call, meals, computer use, etc., the teams are also not allowed to touch money. The teams also must restat least 6 hours a day. In the end, the prize is tickets to 4 diffrent championships.I hope the goat roping championships of Polatka Florida is included.

After the contestants get their pelts, they look over the tasks, and decide where to go. After looking at the list the red team decides to go upstate to Katies home town where she thinks they can get in the local prison and play a game of basketball, Task #28.who among us would not pick that as the first task. I guess someone will get the nickname "Prison #####" for the rest of the series

The Wave

The green team decides that since Juliet knows a local Olympic Athelete with a bronze medal, only a bronze medal? come on this is ESPN at least get a silver, that they should try and perform that task.

After borrowing a cell phone and a few calls later,Olympic Bronze Medal Winner Summer Sanders shows up with her medal, I guess she just had it lying around.I am sure Summer appreciates her phone number being on complete strangers phones for call back purposes. The green team also had to get someone to buy them a disposable camera to get the picture. After completeing task #17 They discuss what team name they should have. Summer suggest they name themselves after the mascot from the Barcelona Games where she won her medal. Seeing as this is the perfect name???? they decide to use it.

Then the fun starts, because the producers thought it would be good to give the teams a piece of athletic equipment all athletes need, "The Cell Phone of Smack", not to be confused with the "Pay Phone of Taunting" Once a team completes a task they can call the the other team and talk the talk. So a few hours after they start, Team Cobi makes the first call. The red team, no team name yet but the soon to be Team Contact. The red team seems very unimpressed, while they are sitting on a stoop waiting for Julian's friend to show up so they can make arrangements to get upstate.

Once the red team gets into Julian's friend's apartment they make some calls and look up Aubrey's web sight from her cheerleading days as an Oakland Raiderette.

Team Cobi decides it is on a roll and cons their way into New Jersey, isn't it usually the other way around? Once they get to N.J. they realize people aren't just going to give them things, when they find out that they can't just get into the Nets arena and shoot hoops, Task #6. But they do find a good contact Helen Strauss, the PR person for the Nets and she gives them all these contact names and tells them to use her name. They then realize that people won't just give them a hotel room for the night. They don't seem to realize that people make a living renting out rooms.

Bubba then spots a fellow southerner who gives up her room and bunks with her friend. Just because she is southern and he is southern. It's a southern thang you wouldn't understand.

John 3:16

Meanwhile in another part of the state the red team is waiting for Katie's Parents to come pick them up, they finally show up and then have to take them to another friends house (1 person, 1favor thing).

The next day Team Cobi calls The New York football Giants organization and convince them to do task #11. While there they see Jason Sehorne who volunteers to give them a ride back to Manhattan after practice. They also get Tiki Barber to sign their shirt. Then they get Jesse Palmer to throw passes to them. After some lame attempts to catch the passes they finally do and complete their secon task.

Back upstate team red is finding that they aren't going as fast as they should and Aubrey cries, oh good an emotional one. Pep talk, pep talk Blah Blah Blah, everyone is happy and the first show comes to an end with the score:
Red- 0

During intermission feel free to go to the concession stand and buy some Miller Beer.

Thus endeth my first summary, more facts than humor but it is a first try.

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