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Who Wants To Marry My Dad? 2 - Episode 2 Summary

'Liar, Liar' By MTW1961
Original Airdate: June 28, 2004

Thanks for navigating to the episode 2 summary of Who Wants to Marry My Dad?, a tale of love, deceit, and surprisingly well-toned bodies. As a side note, I am excited because I just got a wireless keyboard, and so Iím actually writing this summary from my easy chair while watching the live girl-on-girl action. Woo hoo! sorry, got a little carried away there!

We start with scenes from last week, and all I can say is check out this if you want to know more. Next, we get scenes of things to come, which I suppose are so you can decide whether to continue watching or not. One woman tells us ďIím already falling in love with him.Ē Another says, "Heís amazing. I can see myself falling in love with Manny. Oh, Iím sorry, did you say his name was Marty? Yes, Marty. Whatever his name is, Iím already falling in love with him." okay, I made that part up. Weíll also be treated to another round of lie detectors, and tears of self pity as the daughters try to convince the women itís harder to tell them to leave than it is to be rejected.

First thereís this little business of The Mole to deal with. The women are in the kitchen cooking for Marty and the kids as a show of gratitude. I would have thought this was kind of strange Ė the guests cooking in the hostsís home - but we found out last week itís NOT the Oklandís home, itís a mansion the show is being staged in. Oh well, I guess it makes sense for the women to cook then, but knowing this, couldnít the producers have sprung for a house with a couple more bathrooms? Cheapskates!

One of the women opens the knife drawer to find an envelope with a message. The message reveals there is a mole amongst them. Everyone thinks itís Marilyn Ė sheís got the family lips. Wow, she does look an awful lot like the Okland girls. Personally, I think itís Lola. Why? Frankly, because she just doesnít look like the others. She is pretty, but she looks more real. She sticks out like a sore thumb. At dinner , the mole is revealed, and I am right! Itís Lola! okay, I did have the advantage of watching it first, then writing this summary, but HONESTLY, I did pick Lola). Itís time for Lola to reveal what sheís learned, and it is JUICY! Lola calls each offending lady to the head of the table one by one Ė and sheís not happy. Nicole is first, and Lola reveals that Nicole refused to marry someone because he was allergic to cats. Nicole admits sheís a cat person Ė they are her kids. The girls and Marty are SHOCKED of course . Next up is Melanie. She mentioned she didnít like to date older men, who she refers to as "old". Marilyn denies it vehemently, but of course, there is videotape footage that directly contradicts her denial. BUSTED!

Sharon is next. Marty is shocked, which appears to be the emotion of choice for WWMMD participants. Apparently, Sharon revealed in the limo ride over that she REALLY wants kids of her own. Dad doesnít necessarily want to do that again. Sharon's reaction is denial (itís not just a river in Egypt), but once again that pesky videotape has a way of putting the reality into reality TV, as sheís shown saying she ďabsolutely, definitely wants kids of her own.Ē Hard to refute that, Sharon! Itís fun watching her backpedal!

Now itís Sarahís turn, and Lola tells her to get comfortable. Uh oh! Apparently, Sarah is quite the little potty mouth, as evidenced by the beepage in her limo ride. It sounds like she took English class from Snoop Dogg. Also her career comes first, and she doesnít have time for a man. She says sheíd drop everything for the right man. Marty states to his girls Ė ďYou donít believe her, do you.Ē Itís a statement, not a question, and it happens right there at the dinner table. They donít. WOW.

Thatís all the dirt, everyone else is okay.

Fax Machine Ė

The girls have 15 minutes to eliminate a woman. Well, we know itís going to be one of the three that Lola called out, and if Iím Sarah, Iím making sure Iíve had enough dinner to tide me over during the long drive to the airport. This looks like a good time for a commercial break.

Weíre back, and hey, did you know ďJoeyĒ is going to be on Thursdays? Well, I do, because heís superimposed on the lower left corner of my TV screen Ė at the front of the Oklandís dining table! Little Joey, dancing on the table. Heh!

Anyway, weíre back, and the girls are deciding who to eliminate. They send Dad to his room and tell Aunt Lola her new nickname is Aunt ďMolaĒ. Mola returns to her bedroom to pack Ė of course with all the other ladies staring at her with stunned looks on their faces. Decision time, and itís unanimous, Sarah is leaving the building. No tears this time because they have more information to work with Ė translated Ė they KNOW this oneís a lying b!tch! Sarah takes her leave Ė mission accomplished. She got some face time and will probably pick up few new clients. Lola leaves too, right behind Sarah.

Time for the nightcap, and Marty picks Suzanne. Of course, as Marty and Suzanne have an intimate drink together, the girls get a call. They can watch Dadís date from the TV set in their bedroom. Dadís hand is on her knee. He makes the move to get Suzanne closer, and they kiss. The girls have never seen him kiss anyone but their Mom. Well, at least we know they once had a mom. Still no word on what happened to her.The girls look like theyíre watching a horror movie!

Itís morning now, and Dad needs to get rid of the daughters for the day. He gives the girls money to go to the moives so he can have some privacy with the ladies and the 22 cameras on the grounds surrounding the pool, which is where they are hanging out for the day. The girls hop into their SUV and drive half a block to a waiting van. A movie studio is set up inside so the girls can spy on Dad while heís at the pool with the ladies. Not a bad setup, with popcorn and cold beverages. The ladies make their way out to the pool one by one, and most of them are quite hot! Marty looks like heís in heaven.

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