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The Amazing Race 12 - Episode 1 Summary

'Let's Hear It For The Donkeys!' By Breezy
Original Airdate: November 4, 2007

Me: Well here we are again, itís time for The Amazing Race!!!
DD: We have the first episode?
Yep, we have to introduce all the racers.
Ok, letís get to it then.

Phil starts us off by telling us the racers are on their way to the Playboy mansion for the start of Amazing Race 12! And letís meet the racers, they are:

Sisters- Marianna & Julia

These two claim to be best friends and worst enemies. They must have had to share a room growing up.

Father & Daughter- Ronald & Christina

Daddy was always away on business and they hope to get to know each other on the race.

Goth Freak Couple- Kynt & Vyxsin

Best friends who also date are afraid they wonít be able to keep their clown make-up fresh all thru the race. Gee wonít that be fun to watch?

Grandpa & Grandson- Nicolas & Donald

This airline pilot and self proclaimed ďjack of all tradesĒ hope to create lots of memories together on the race.

Unfaithful Dating- Jennifer and Nathan

Theyíre athletic, domineering and stubborn. Sounds like the perfect pair; pair of what remains to be seen.

Brother & Sister- Azaria & Hendekea

They claim to be so smart that they can run the race twice and still beat all the other teams who will run it once.

Commitment Phobia Dating- Lorena & Jason

These two live together and rarely see each other. Sounds perfect right? Well it would be but she wants to get married and he doesnít.

Married Ministers- Pat & Kate

Yep, you read it right. Theyíre married gay ministers, this should be good TV. Zzzzzzzzzzzz Ooops.

Best Friends- Ari & Staella

These two bitches plan to ruffle some feathers on the race. ( I didnít know donkeyís had feathers!)

Friends (notice we donít say Best)- Shana & Jennifer

These two hoís plan on using all their arassets and hooters t-shirts to be the first female team to win.

New Dating- Rachel & TK

These two have been dating for about a year and are all about being free spirits.

So? What do you think about the racers this year?
Lots of dating.
Yes there is.
Thereís no brothers this year.
Well some of the racers might have brothers and that would make them brothers.
*rolls eyes* whatever, Mom.

Phil again tells us theyíre going to start at the Playboy Mansion in LA. This year there will be 11 legs and 8 elmination points. And weíre off! They all run to their backpacks and find outÖ. They are to choose a vehicle and drive themselves to the airport and theyíre off to Shannon, Ireland. OK, raise your hand if you didnít understand why everyone didnít run to the car that was parked in front? The cars are parked in a line, you canít move until the car in front of you moves? And you like the pretty silver one in 5th place best? Ummmmm yeah ok. You do know this is a race right? Who gets that first car? Why itís Grandpa and sonny, and they arenít moving real fast. Gramps wants to count the money to make sure Phil didnít short him. And thennnnnnnn, theyíre off again. And the first trouble spot is right at the end of the driveway, do we go right or left? Congratulation if you chose left you win! Unless of course youíre the wonder twins with the superbrains who first go left and then turn around. *shakes head*

Everyone makes it to the airport and end up on one of two flights. The first flight connect thru London and the second flight which will land 45 minutes later. And we get our first flight delay! The first flight is delayed in London and the second flight lands first. A&K and R&C work together and call ahead for taxis. Very smart thinking, but Ari & Stealer steal one of the taxis. (Gee foreshadow, Karma much?) Course it didnít even help! R&C end up passing them in another taxi.

The teams are in their taxis speeding away to the ferry docks, where they will take ferries to find the smallest church in the world. Itís a pretty close race and they all find the church and sign up for times to take the ferry back. Well it was sort of close, not sure what Jennifer thought race meant. She isnít running! And her wonderful caring cheating boyfriend is yelling at her to get her moving, and she doesnít. (gee more foreshadowing?)

They really didnít explain where everyone was sleeping, I was very confused on that. Was that shelter provided by TAR? But then itís the next day and weíre off again. Teams take their assigned ferry times back and find their next clue on a vehicle waiting for them. They must find Cleggan Farms and receive their next clue. All three of the couple teams are together and seem to be working together. They get directions to the farm and then Jason decides to not follow them or the other couples. Great idea! Not. They get lost and have to ask for directions again. Poor Lorena, she doesnít think theyíre communicating well. Gee really?

At the farm the teams have to ride tandem bikes to find the next clue which is the first Roadblock. In this
Roadblock one team member must peddle a high wire bike across a huge ravine while the other team member rides below.

Wooohoooo that looks like fun!
Yeah, which one of us would do the road block?
Doesnít really matter we both get to do the scary thing it looks like.
well then you can peddle, I want to rest.
but Iím the elder, I should get to rest.
Mom you weigh more you do the peddling.
Did you just call me fat?

All teams make it across without any problems, some screaming for joy all the way across.
Some just screaming. On the other side they find their clue, they must now pick a donkey and fill itís pack with 15 pieces of peet and then walk them down to the entrance of the farm to receive their next clue. And the fun begins, no really the fun. While some teams, like TK & Rachel nicely and calming talk to their donkey and sprint to the entrance and the next clue. Other teams start yelling at each other and then yelling at their donkey to get moving. Two donkeys were having none of it, Jennifer & Nathan and Ari & Stealaís. They chose to scream and make threats at their donkeys. That treatment didnít work and the donkeys stood their ground.

Those people sure donít know how to treat animals.
Donít think they really know how to treat each other either.
It was funny when the donkey screamed right back at that blonde girl.

The clue at the entrance was to go to Connemara Heritage Center and to check into the Pit Stop. The last team there will surely be eliminated.

Hereís the order of the finish:
1. A&H
2. Gothfreaks
3. TK & Rach
4. Lorena & Jason
5. Gramps & Sonny
6. Hoís
7. Ron & Christina
8. Kate & Pat
9. Sisters
10. Screamer & Cheater

And the last team to arriveÖ Ari & Stealla. Sorry you have been eliminated and yes... Karma definitely did come back and bite you in the ass, jackass that is.

Next week it looks like we finally get to here more from other teams. I was kind of surprised tonight was only 1 hour. We didnít hear much from some of the teams.
We heard enough from the blonde girl screaming. She can be quiet for awhile now.
Do you really think that will happen?
No, but I can hope and brayyyyyyyy. *giggle*

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