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The Bachelor: Rome - Episode 4 Summary

'Sexy Roman Princesses, Baby' By greeneyes
Original Airdate: October 23, 2006

Once upon a time in Rome, Master Chris Harrison met six would be princesses. They were vying to become the wife of Prince Lorenzo Borghese (PLo for short). Master Chris announced to the ladies in waiting that they would be privately interviewed concerning the personalities of the other ladies.

Not knowing who they were talking to, the ladies went one by one into a room, and were asked the questions to a camera, “Who is the least deserving of being a princess?” and “Who is the least sincere in the house?” Five of the ladies named Lady Lisa for both questions. Lady Lisa fingered Lady Jennifer as the one she thought to fit the categories. This line of questioning caught Lady Sadie off guard, and she cried, because she doesn’t like saying anything bad about the other girls.

On the other side of the of the camera was the evil step-sister Erica (the one that thinks she is already a princess, but certainly is not.). Erica reviewed the answers to the questions, and appointed two individual dates with PLo. The individual dates went to the ladies that Erica felt were the most sincere and most compatible with PLo. The other four ladies had to go out as a group with the Prince.

Since Erica had been banned from the castle, just a few days before, the ladies were shocked to see her again. She entered the room, and greeted the ladies with a hearty “Bitches, I’m back.” None of the ladies looked to be too happy with this change of events. Erica announced that she was the one who had control over the kingdom, and who got to spend time with PLo.

Lady Lisa found the first date box outside, and brought it to Lady Sadie. The date this time was to let the Prince fly Lady Sadie to a nearby city for some pampering. Lady Agnese looks like she could become an evil step-sister as well, she was quite jealous that any other lady got to spend time alone with the Prince.

The plane ride was a new adventure for Sadie, as PLo let her take control, and guide the plane for a short time. Sadie apparently liked this, as she kept stroking the Prince’s ego, calling him a stud, and telling him how hot looking he is.

By the way, Lady Sadie may be saving herself for marriage, but she certainly is not all that shy. In the hot tubs, she had on a very tiny bikini, and was trying to put the moves on PLo. Finally at dinner, Lady Sadie pulled out all of the stops. She told the Prince that he looked like he had wanted to kiss her all day. She said she would make it easy for him, and started to kiss him. (Finally a little action, I like PLo, but he seems shy and unsure when it comes to kissing the ladies.) This move earned Lady Sadie a rose, and the chance to stay in the castle for a few more days, as well, as being able to take the Prince home to meet her family. Because he was going to meet her family, Lady Sadie gave the Prince a San Diego Chargers jersey, to remind him of her and her hometown, which led to more kissing, this time actually initiated by the PLo.

Erica decided that Ladies Jeannette, Desiree, Agnese, and Lisa were not worthy enough to get a single date with PLo. The four ladies were given white togas, and were told to “let the games begin.” This date was to the Roman aqueducts and would include some chariot races. As the ladies changed into their togas, Desiree primped in front of the mirror and claimed herself to be “a sexy Roman princess, baby!” (Is this girl princess material? Lady Lisa was a bit disturbed that they were doing something concerning Roman History on their date. Apparently she did not remember anything from junior high school social studies classes. However, she could tell anyone who would listen about the entire history of the Bachelor series on ABC. I guess she thinks that making lists of wedding details, mapping out your entire life, and planning your hometown visit down to the minute are the ways to win the Prince’s heart. (Lisa, dear, think again. When he finds out your five year plan, he may decide that fighting the animals on the Roman Coliseum would be more fun that dating you and living by to lifetime plans. Geez, does this girl even have the birthdates of the children she wants to have picked out?)

At the aqueducts, the four ladies compete against each other in a chariot race to see who gets to spend alone time with PLo, and who will get a special wish. After four heats of races, the winner was Lady Jeannette. When Lady Jeannette is asked what her wish was, she gave the lamest answer ever in Bachelor history (yes, even lamer than Amber saying to Andrew that he must not like Italian food, because he doesn’t like Olive Garden.) Jeannette said that she wished for the Prince to “relax and enjoy the moment.” (OMH – did she really say that? What was this girl thinking? Helllllooooo, let the man know you are interested in him – ask him for a rose, ask him to come meet your parents, even ask him for a kiss. Something, anything other that what she said. Girl, you just blew any chance at a rose in the next ceremony.)

The rest of the day looked to be a lot of fun. They spent a lot of time around a pool and drinking (I know, you are all surprised that the ladies on the Bachelor drink a lot of alcohol.) Lorenzo decided to tackle Lady Desiree and drag her into the pool. The rest of the girls followed, and jumped in the pool also. Since they were all wearing white togas, it looked like an ABC sponsored wet t-shirt contest.

The last date was a night on the town in Rome. Lady Jennifer was the lucky recipient, as chosen by Erica. Dinner in the city was on a roof top overlooking the Vatican. It was truly a beautiful sight. However, Lady Jennifer looked totally oblivious, as if she knows less about Roman history than Lady Lisa. PLo turns the conversation to Jennifer’s profession. We find out that she is working on a Master’s degree in counseling. The Prince offers some playful banter, and asks her to counsel him on how to get more wonderful nights like this. Lady Jennifer responds by saying that he needs to date the right people. (Jennifer, do you mean to tell us that dating people (Lisa and Desiree) who get drunk on Tequila, and then run around the castle grounds, taking their bikini tops off, in front of the camera, may not be the right fit for our somewhat shy Prince? You might be right.) The date continued with a trip to the Trevi Fountain. Lady Jennifer makes a wish by throwing some coins in the water, and then receives a long kiss from the Prince. According to Lady Jennifer, the fountain was extremely romantic. (What more could you want, hundreds of people around, and a camera crew catching every second -- now that all says romance to me.) Nonetheless, the Prince liked Lady Jennifer so much that he also gave her a rose, and a promise to visit her family in Florida.

At last, the Rose Ceremony arrived. Two ladies received a rose, two went home. PLo offered roses to Lady Lisa, and Lady Agnese. Ladies Jeannette’s and Desiree’s time had run out in the castle. They were shocked that they no longer had the chance to be a princess. (No glass carriage for them. I guess they will be flying coach back to the States. Right, Erica?)

The Prince has four ladies left to consider as his Princess? Who's foot will fit the glass slipper and have her fairytale come true? We'll find out after he visits San Diego, Portland, Florida, and Venice.

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