America's Next Top Model is getting a new broadcast night to go along with its new on-air talent.

The CW has announced this fall's nineteenth edition of America's Next Top Model will air Fridays at 8PM ET/PT and feature international male model Rob Evans as a new judge and stylist Johnny Wujek as the reality competition's new creative consultant.

Evans will sit alongside returning Top Model judges Tyra Banks and Kelly Cutrone and serve as the third regular member of the judging panel while Wujek will guide the competition's contestants through their photo shoots.

Evans and Wujek will replace fashion photographer Nigel Barker, runway coach Miss J. Alexander and photo shoot director Jay Manuel -- who were all axed from Top Model last month.

The threesome were let go as part of an effort to revamp Top Model, which currently airs on Wednesday nights and was once The CW's top-rated series but has seen significant ratings erosion in recent seasons.

According to The CW, the nineteenth edition -- which the network had already previously announced will feature a "College Edition" twist in which all the contestants will be participating in some type of program to further their educations -- will also allow home viewers to participate in the show's elimination process.

While Top Model's nineteenth season will be filmed months prior to its fall broadcast, home viewers will be able to, beginning May 24, visit twice a week and vote for their favorite contestants based on photo shoots taken during the show's production.  According to the network, those votes will then be used by Top Model's judging panel to help determine who is eliminated during each episode.

Similar to how Project Runway has previously eliminated designers present "decoy" collections at New York Fashion Week in order to keep the identities of its actual finale finalists secret, Top Model will apparently have eliminated contestants participate in subsequent photo shoots and include their photos in the viewer voting.

"You will have a say in which models stay... and who goes home," Banks wrote on her Facebook fanpage on Thursday.

"Twice a week, starting Thursday, May 24th, you'll be able to use our Voting App to rank and sound off on all 13 models' best photos. Your input will shape the competition and you'll be able to see it play out in the Fall."

In addition, viewers will also have the opportunity to have their comments and video messages featured on the show when the season airs in the fall.