Comedian Tom Green became the third celebrity contestant to be fired by Donald Trump during last night's broadcast of The Celebrity Apprentice's second season on NBC.

"Well I gotta admit I'm a little surprised," Green said after his dismissal. "I didn't think I was gonna get fired, but that's the way the cards fell on the table. I though I had the potential to win this game, but that's cool."

The Celebrity Apprentice's third episode began immediately following the previous episode's boardroom session in which Scott Hamilton was eliminated over Green. Anxious to prove his worth, Green volunteered to serve as his team's project manager for the competition's third task. While he was skeptical of how well Green would do, retired NFL football player Herschel Walker admitted the decision may still have an upside.

"That may be the best thing for him to do... it may make his show leadership," said Walker.

The following day, both the men's Kings of the Universe (KOTU) team and the women's Athena team met with Trump, who was flanked by George Ross and Ivanka Trump, and were told that they would be selling wedding dresses at a retail shop provided for them for their upcoming task. Each team would be given 125 dresses to sell and the team that turned in the most profit would win and avoid the boardroom while the losing team would have a team member fired by Trump.

Both teams then chose their project managers, with KOTU appeasing Green's wish and giving him the title while Athena chose actress/model and former Fear Factor contestant Brande Roderick.

"This was the perfect task because it sounded that would be in my realm and it sounded like something that would be a lot of fun," Roderick said after being chosen by her teammates.

After splitting to begin their planning, Green stressed to his team that he wanted to keep the mood positive. Green, along with former Monster Garage star Jesse James, also stressed that it would be useful for everyone to call in any contacts they have for donations.

Due to his numerous connections in the country music industry, country singer Clint Black was given a goal by Green of getting $100,000, a goal he later said he felt he could achieve. Retired NBA basketball player and former Celebrity Mole Yucatan winner Dennis Rodman hit up his connections quickly to help the team as well, securing a $3,000 dress purchase over the phone.

However not to be outdone, professional poker player Annie Duke suggested a similar plan for Athena as well and hit up a connection for $10,000 dress purchase before the team had even begun planning for the challenge.

The teams also learned that their retail shops would be located right next to each other, leading R&B Singer Brian McKnight to stress that KOTU needed to come up with something they could do better than Athena.

"It's not where you're selling, it's what you're selling and how you sell it," he said later.

After discussing a theme for their sale, James' idea for a "Red Carpet Wedding Dress Sale" -- complete with a red carpet for customers to walk on -- was well received by Green, who added that he planned on having the showroom's style be "minimal, simple, [and] clean like an art gallery" so the team could focus on raising money through connections instead. The plan initially seemed to get off to a good start, with Walker informing him that he had secured a $6,000 dress purchase and that more would probably be on the way.
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Athena took a decidedly different approach to decorating their store, with former I'm a Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here! contestant Melissa Rivers bringing in wedding planner Preston Bailey to handle their store location. However, Roderick inadvertently set a somewhat similar goal to Green's when she told the girls to get their connections on the phone with the goal of raising $100,000. Among the early commitments the team received was a $5,000 dress purchase from Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis after being prodded by Rivers and Keeping up with the Kardashians star Khloe Kardashian. 

In order to generate hype for the sale, Rodman decided to go out on the streets with Walker to draw business to the store. However, his marketing ended up leading him to a bar where he knocked back a few drinks while Walker looked on in somewhat disbelief.

"We have someone that all he wanna do is go around the neighborhood and have a drink here or there. I don't know how that's gonna sell a wedding dress," Walker said later.

Upon returning to the storefront somewhat tipsy, Rodman had a friend send over a Russian girl to use as a model to use outside the store during the sale. By the end of the day, Green was optimistic about the work his team had done.

"I think the day went great, everybody did an amazing job," Green said before he and Rodman ended the day by having drinks at the bar with the model.

However, the following day took an immediate turn for the worse when Green and Rodman both failed to meet with the rest of the team at 7:30AM to finish up their preparations for the sale. Green eventually picked up his phone and said he was awake and in the process waking up Rodman, but the remaining KOTU were somewhat doubtful of what they heard from him.

"You start adding things up and it looks like those guys had a pretty rockin' night," Black said.

Green eventually left the hotel at 8:45AM and headed to the store somewhat disheveled only two hours before the sale was about to begin. While Green denied he had been out drinking the night before, Black said later that if he were Trump he would likely fire Green for his poor work ethic unless he could keep his team on task as well.

Green also told his teammates that he could not get Rodman out of bed. When reached later Rodman said that he would not be able to make it to the challenge because of an allergic reaction that had left his eye irritated.

"Dennis is the most important person in this whole regime here. If we don't have him, I think it's detrimental," McKnight said.

KOTU stuck with their minimalist design for their store, which Ross called "uninviting" upon visiting it.  He was a much bigger fan of Athena's store, which had been decorated with an entire truck full of flowers.

"[It was] a more entertaining experience," Ross said.

Both teams then began selling their dresses. Green admitted early on the many girls had come to meet Joan Rivers at Athena's store and that KOTU's best chance at winning would come through its high level donors. Black maintained that he felt he could pull $40,000 while Walker had said he may be able to get up to $30,000.

While Walker ended up coming outside to try and woo customers from Athena's store to KOTU's leaving the girls' store empty, Athena countered by sending out Kardashian in a wedding dress to stand in front of KOTU's store and bring the customers back.

KOTU received some good news when Black's dress purchase checks arrived and totaled $35,000. Walker also received his contributions at the last minute as well to give KOTU another $16,000. However, Joan Rivers pulled her weight for Athena as well, receiving a $25,000 contribution from QVC, while Annie landed a $10,000 dress purchase from poker player Perry Friedman.

After the sales ended for each team, both teams met Trump in the boardroom to find out who had won the challenge.

"I think that we did excellent and I really don't think that we could've done any better," Roderick said of her team's effort.

While Green complimented his team's work as well, Trump and Ross immediately hammered for his poor leadership in arriving to the challenge late, the "dull and lifeless" setup of his team's storefront, and his inability to motivate Rodman to help out his team.

While Rodman, who attended boardroom wearing sunglasses, defended his drinking during the day by saying he was going to the bars to advertise the sale, Trump criticized him for not motivating himself to help his team by abandoning them for the challenge.

Trump then revealed that while KOTU had sold 21 dresses for an impressive $63,450 profit, Athena had once again won by selling 22 dresses for a profit of $103,000.

"You know, the women are really kicking ass," an impressed Trump said. "I mean every week now."

Green called KOTU's loss "embarrassing" and added that he was "disappointed" that Rodman never showed up for the challenge. Trump agreed and called out Rodman for being disrespectful after learning that Rodman had simply ignored Green while he banged on his door for half-an-hour on the morning of the challenge.

After yelling at them some more, Trump said that he was considering sending both Green and Rodman home. However, he ultimately only ended up sending Green home after saying it was his second straight poor performance, and that it had been his responsibility to handle Rodman's behavior as the team's project manager.

The next episode of The Celebrity Apprentice will air on Sunday, March 22 at 9PM ET/PT on NBC.