TLC has announced The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom, a new reality series following stay-at-home moms who are given the chance to see what life would be like if their full-time career wasn't motherhood, will premiere on Monday, March 3 at 10PM ET/PT.

Hosted by former Growing Pains actress Tracey Gold, each one-hour The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom broadcast will follow a different mother as she abandons a life normally guided by her children's schedule to instead focus on career goals she previously gave up on. 

Each episode will conclude with the mom either deciding to "pursue her new dual life" or return to her family, secure in the fact that motherhood is the only occupation for her.

"Almost every woman experiences the pull between becoming a full-time mom or juggling both family and work. This show will give us the chance to learn what sacrifices and rewards there are in making this challenging and unique decision," said TLC programming executive Brant Pinvidic. "Each episode ends up being a remarkable voyage as we see them accomplish goals they never thought possible and then make the decision about which path they should pursue."

Subjects chronicled in The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom include Adrian, a mother of three who dreams of making it big in the fashion industry; Kathryn, who met her husband in culinary school and now wants to see if she can cut it in a kitchen; and Jeannie, who wonders if being a police officer like her husband would be as rewarding as raising her four children.

"As a working mom myself, I can completely relate to the hard choices we face when balancing family and career," said Gold. "This show is very inspirational and gives these women many who thought they'd never have return to their careers a chance to see what they are capable of."

The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom will join TLC's existing Monday night programming line-up which currently features new episodes of Little People, Big World and Jon & Kate Plus 8 airing at 8PM ET/PT and 9PM ET/PT, respectively.

The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom is a production of GRB Entertainment.