The Voice coaches welcomed five new team members during Tuesday night's one-hour episode on NBC, with the standouts being country singers Keisha Renee and Ashland Craft.

Keisha, a 30-year-old backup singer for Nicki Minaj from Las Vegas, NV, belted out "I Can't Stop Loving You." Blake turned his chair around first, followed by Adam, Jennifer, and then Miley. Keisha also received a standing ovation from all four coaches.

"She's singing something that Blake would do, with Jennifer's voice, and now she's got, like, Miley's style," Adam said, before noting she had no influence of himself at all, which made him feel "very sad."

Adam said, however, that if Keisha is looking to do something different on The Voice, she should be on his team, because the key to becoming the best version of yourself is by not fitting in with others.

Jennifer called the performance "genius" and asked Keisha what her preferred style of music is to sing, and the artist replied "country, pop, soul." Jennifer said she'd help Keisha create her own lane, and then Miley argued she's from Nashville, TN, and could definitely come up with a blend of country and pop songs for her to sing.

Blake told Keisha that he moved from Oklahoma to Nashville when he was 17-years-old with the goal of becoming a country singer and he never even had a backup plan. He was hoping to win Keisha over with his passion for country, and it worked, because she joined Blake's team.

Ashland Craft, a 21-year-old from Piedmont SC, sang an edgy rendition of "You Are My Sunshine," and Blake, Adam and Miley all turned their chairs around for her.

Miley revealed that she had covered that same song on her tour, and while Blake is the "king of country," it needs a queen -- and it can be her. Miley insisted she's more grounded and rooted than ever before and could really assist Ashland on the show, transforming her into a "punk rock Dolly Parton."

Adam noted that Ashland is "a powerful country, rock and roll singer" who would likely "transcend the necessity of going on Blake's team," adding that he'd "work double time" to make sure he'd never let her down on The Voice.

Blake, however, warned Ashland that it wasn't time to experiment on the show, as she belonged on his team and it's important to recognize her traditional sound. Blake said there's a total open lane for Ashland's sound on country radio right now.

But after Miley pointed out she'd be a nice combination of Adam and Blake -- and she wouldn't be "the craziest decision" -- Ashland chose to join Miley's team, despite having been "dead set on Blake" when entering her Blind Audition.

Three artists sparked the interest of two coaches on The Voice during Tuesday night's show.

Dylan Gerard, a 28-year-old nurse's assistant from Jacksonville, FL, sang "Say You Won't Let Go" and managed to convince both Adam and Jennifer to press their buttons.
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Adam thought the subtlety in Dylan's voice was refreshing and said he has a "cool vibe." Jennifer noted that she would've liked to hear him sing a half-step higher before rushing the stage to show him how to master such notes and the transitions between them.

Adam, however, wasn't impressed because he said that's exactly what he'd teach Dylan if the artist ended up on his team and he's been working to perfect switching from his head voice to his chest voice his entire career. With that being said, Dylan joined Adam's team because he'd like to work with another male vocalist.

Maharasyi Hansa, a 27-year-old from Los Angeles, CA, walked into her Blind Audition thinking she'd pick Miley.

But after a soulful rendition of "Tell Me Something Good," Maharasyi opted to become a member of Jennifer's team. Jennifer had challenged Maharasyi to hit a big, high note, and the artist seemed to appreciate the push.

Red Marlow, a 40-year-old from Dickson, TN, took the stage with a performance of "Swingin'" and convinced both Blake and Miley to press their buttons for him. Miley promised Red that he wouldn't get lost on her team, but after Blake told Red to "stop monkeying around," the contestant joined his team.