The Voice eliminated two quarterfinalists during Monday night's performance show, which featured the four remaining members of "Team Cee Lo" and "Team Adam" each performing for home viewer votes.

James Massone, a singer from Boston, MA, and Phillip "Pip" Arnold, a singer from Marietta, GA, were eliminated by The Voice coaches Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine respectively after host Carson Daly reiterated the season's special "instant elimination" twist in which Green and Levine were each required to cut one member of their team after all four of their remaining singers had performed.

Daly asked Green to reveal which quarterfinalist on his team he wanted to send home first.

"I told you guys win, lose or draw, that that's gotta be the disposition that we take -- that's gotta be the stance we take -- that we support each other and sacrifice in selflessness going forward. You know how I feel about you. Do not lose contact with me. Do not stop loving me. Do not stop loving yourself," Green explained.

"This is really a milestone in a path and a journey that will lead you to a destination great enough, bright enough, for everyone to share. But tonight, I have to make a final decision and just due to the performances tonight and taking everything into consideration, I gotta let my little brother James go."

Massone graciously accepted his ouster from The Voice's second season.

"This man, I love him like an uncle -- Uncle Lo I call him. Dude, you helped me grow so much. I would've never done this music and this dude helped me grow and I love you, honest to God," Massone said following his elimination. 

Levine then had to reveal whom he wanted to eliminate from his team in the competition moving forward.

"I think I had a completely different idea about how this was going to go down because I just didn't know. Everybody changed and flip-flopped and all of a sudden, someone was outshining another person, and you guys are all so great and so different... You guys are incredible. This is a really stupid thing that we have to do this, but unfortunately, it's part of the job. I listened very objectively tonight and certain things happened and led me to sort of conclusions," Levine told his team.

"I'm sorry I'm dragging this out because I'm still thinking. As Cee Lo said, all four of you being up here is a win. The incredible opportunities you've been afforded now as a result of being on the show are so valuable, so if you go home, it doesn't mean your life ends. You go home and you get back at it and you keep moving. And so, at the end of the day, this is all good for everybody. That's what makes it tough, but at the same time, incredible. No one should be upset they're going home. Pip, I gotta let you go, man."

Pip looked a little shocked following Levine's announcement but held it together and seemed understanding.

"Thank you to Adam and thank you to the show for having me on, and thank you. I've learned so much and grown so much from him. It's been an amazing experience," Pip said.

Green's team will now consist of Cheesa Laureta, a singer from Honolulu, HI; Jamar Rogers, a singer from Bronx, NY; and Juliet Simms, a singer from Tampa, FL, going forward. Levine's three remaining team members are Katrina Parker, a singer from Holly Ridge, NC; Tony Lucca, a singer from Waterford, MI; and Mathai, a singer from Dallas, TX.
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Tonight's live The Voice results show broadcast will feature America saving one artist on both Green and Levine's teams, and then the remaining team members will take to the stage and sing a "survival" song in the hopes they could impress their coach one last time and be saved in the competition.

After the "sing to be saved" portion of the episode, Green and Levine will then each have to eliminate one member on their team.