The Biggest Loser: Couples eliminated Jennifer Jacobs, a 28-year-old digital media entrepreneur from Long Branch, NJ, during Tuesday night's broadcast of the NBC reality weight-loss competition.

Jen became the thirteenth contestant ousted from the competition's eleventh season after she posted a lower weight-loss percentage than Courtney Crozier, the only other remaining member of her Red team, at the thirteenth week's weigh-in.

"I did not lose any weight this week. Honest to God, I don't know where I went wrong. It just goes to show you, you might think you have it all together, you might think that you don't need you trainers, but that was a big fat mistake that I made this week... I came here very broken, wanting a chance at life at learning who I was and having the opportunity to do that and seeing how far I've come, makes me feel like I can conquer anything in my life," Jen said following her ouster.

"There's no gift in this world that I could ever have asked for than this opportunity and this second chance at life and happiness, because I truly am from the bottom of my heart, a happier better person because of The Biggest Loser. I'm very thankful for that."

The Biggest Loser's thirteenth eleventh-season episode began the next day following the elimination of Justin Pope, a 39-year-old Logan, UT resident who was voted out of the competition by the members of the season's newly-formed Green, Blue and Black teams after his own newly-formed Red team posted the lowest weight-loss percentage at the twelfth week's weigh-in.

Kaylee Kinikini, a 20-year-old student from Shelley, ID, began to cry because she had attempted to throw the weigh-in in order to go home. She apologized to all the other contestants, including the members of her own Green team, and admitted it must have been her fate to stay in the competition and work to achieve her goal.

The next day, the Green team led by new trainer Cara Castronuova, veteran trainer Jillian Michaels' Black team, the Red team guided by new trainer Brett Hoebel, and veteran trainer Bob Harper's Blue team met with The Biggest Loser host Alison Sweeney and learned the season's "twelfth couple" -- who originally did not get cast on the show but were told they could eventually join the other remaining contestants on the ranch if they lost enough weight on their own at home -- may get to come back.

White team members Vance and Leann then stepped on the scale and learned whether they would be allowed to move their weight-loss journey to the ranch. Alison explained the on-campus team member who had posted the lowest weight-loss percentage so far throughout the season was Kaylee, and as a result, both Vance and Leann had to beat her total number in order to earn a spot on the ranch.

Kaylee lost a weight-loss percentage of 25.32%, and therefore, Vance had to have lost more than 95 pounds at home, while Leann had to have lost more than 79 pounds on her own. Unfortunately, both hopefuls did not come close to surpassing Kaylee's posted weight loss, but they were both still happy with all the progress they had made.

Vance dropped from 379 pounds to 349 pounds after losing a total of 30 pounds, while Leann fell from 315 pounds to 270 pounds after she lost 45 pounds.

Later that day, the four teams met with Alison and learned two members of each team would be competing in a Pop Challenge. Alison explained the selected team members would be required to hold a board between the two of them and balance two team-colored balls on their board. They would then have to take 10 balls and drop them into baskets by forcing the balls into a hole in the middle of the boards.

The team that would lose the challenge would be forced to spend the week off campus, but the team that ended up winning the Pop Challenge would win a one-minute advantage in the week's next challenge.

The Green team -- which consisted of Kaylee, Austin Andrews, a 21-year-old radio board operator from Pasadena, CA, and his father Ken Andrews, a 49-year-old pastor also from Pasadena, CA -- won the challenge, while the Red team -- comprised of Jen and Courtney, a 22-year-old student and restaurant manager, from Valparaiso, IN -- finished in last place.
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Afterward, Jen and Courtney were given $1000 to spend on their choice of luxury items to use while they would be exiled for the week. They selected gym memberships, phone calls, massages, and dining out for one night. However, they opted out of the decision to allow their trainer Brett to work with them throughout the week, which was one of the more pricey items on the list.

Courtney felt she needed Brett's help but was scared to speak up to Jen -- who had already had her mind set on the fact they could use the lessons they have learned on the ranch and be able to lose weight on their own.

That night, Brett met with the girls and they were nervous to reveal their decision to him. Once they told him they would not be needing his services, Brett felt it was a very bad idea. However, while he disagreed with their decision, he tried to be supportive and gave the girls a list of things they should work on during the week.

The next day, the teams all worked out with their trainers while Jen and Courtney enjoyed their time off. Jen and Courtney did attempt to eat well and workout, but it was obvious their workouts were less intense than the team members training on the ranch. 

Afterwards, the Red team joined the other teams and met with Alison for the week's challenge. Alison explained they would be competing in the "mother of all Easter egg hunts." The contestants were required to search within a large grassy field among 5,000 eggs dyed in their team colors. Each team needed to collect 600 of their team-colored eggs while the Red team only had to find 400 eggs since they were down one member.

If all the teams finished the hunt and found all their eggs, they would get to attend a screening for the new movie Hop. The winning team of the challenge would get to go to the red carpet premiere of the movie, while the contestant to find a special golden egg would receive something described to be "special."

Everyone ended up completing the challenge, but the Green team -- who previously won the Pop Challenge -- got their one-minute head start and also ended up winning the Easter egg hunt challenge. Meanwhile, Olivia Ward, a 35-year-old opera singer and plastic surgery office manager from New York, NY, found the golden egg and received the opportunity to be the only vote at the subsequent weigh-in as long as her Blue team didn't lose the weigh-in by posting the lowest weight-loss percentage of all the teams.

The following day, all the teams participated in their last chance workouts.

Later on that night, The Biggest Loser: Couples' second four-team weigh-in and thirteenth overall elimination weigh-in commenced. Alison explained Olivia would have the only vote if her Blue team did not lose the weigh-in, while the person to post the highest percentage of weight-loss on the losing team would receive immunity.

Olivia was then the first member of Bob's Blue team to step on the scale. She dropped from 180 pounds to 176 pounds, losing four pounds, while Irene Alvarado, a 26-year-old student from Portland, OR, lost three pounds and fell from 173 pounds to 170 pounds.

Kaylee's father Moses Kinikini, a 47-year-old garage door installer from Shelley, ID, was the last Blue team member to weigh-in. He started off the week weighing 300 pounds but dropped to 293 pounds after he shed a total of seven pounds. The Blue team lost a total of 14 pounds and posted a combined 2.14% weight-loss percentage.

The Green team was the next to step on the scale. Ken lost six pounds after he fell from 263 pounds to 257 pounds, while his son Austin dropped from 272 pounds to 265 pounds, losing seven pounds total. Kaylee started off the week weighing 174 pounds and dropped to 169 pounds after she shed five pounds.

The Green team lost a combined 18 pounds and posted a total 2.54% weight-loss percentage. Jillian's Black team was next.

Jen's father Jay Jacobs, a 53-year-old entrepreneur from West Orange, NJ, lost six pounds after he dropped from 282 pounds to 276 pounds. Rulon Gardner, a 39-year-old gym owner and motivational speaker from Logan, UT, fell from 330 pounds to 325 pounds after he shed five pounds. Even though it seemed like a good number, it was low for Rulon's pattern of weight-loss and Jillian called him out on eating too many snacks.

Olivia's sister Hannah Curlee, a 32-year-old human resources representative from Nashville, TN, did not even shed a single pound as she remained at her prior weight of 172 pounds. The Black team lost a total of 11 pounds and posted a combined 1.40% weight-loss percentage.

The Red team was the last team to weigh-in, and it was obvious their time spent away from the ranch had not helped them and their decision to not train with Brett had proven to be a very poor decision.

Courtney lost only two pounds after she dropped from 234 to 232 pounds, while Jen lost zero pounds and stayed at 187 pounds. The Red team only lost a combined two pounds and posted a low 0.48% weight-loss percentage.

As a result, the Red team was up for elimination and since Jen had posted a lower weight-loss percentage than Courtney -- who therefore received immunity -- Olivia did not have to use her vote and Jen was automatically ousted.

In a post-elimination update, Jen, who started The Biggest Loser: Couples weighing 278 pounds and left the ranch weighing 187, currently weighs 173 pounds.

Jen said since she returned home, she had reached her 100-pound weight-loss milestone and was extremely proud of accomplishing her goal. She added she had been working out with her brother and could finally go clothes shopping with her girlfriends without having to worry whether the clothes would fit.