Mike Catherwood says he wasn't surprised to become the first celebrity eliminated from Dancing with the Stars' twelfth season during Tuesday night's live results show.

"If you base it just on the facts... I had far and away the least level -- the lowest level -- of celebrity status going in, and I'm a terrible dancer. And the show is Dancing with the Stars," the Loveline radio host said during a Tuesday night appearance with partner Lacey Schwimmer on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Catherwood also confirmed that ABC had asked the Dancing with the Stars couple to tone down their sexual chemistry but also dismissed speculation that he and Schwimmer were romantically involved in a subsequent interview with Good Morning America.

"The people of Dancing with the Stars did come to us and say, 'You gotta tone it down.' But I think they meant, 'You gotta tone down all the extracurricular activity during your rehearsals, because we'd like you to focus on dancing if possible.' I don't think they wanted us to tone down the romantic undertones that everybody seems to believe were there," Catherwood told GMA Wednesday morning.

When asked for specifics on the extracurricular activities, Catherwood referenced his own provocative and comedic behavior.

"I have a [propensity] for disrobing. There was also a lot of unnecessary movements that really based around the pelvic girdle that they didn't like. Stuff like that... It was actually Human Resources that came to me about it," Catherwood explained.

In addition, while Schwimmer noted she has her Dancing with the Stars favorites but feels the competition could still be anyone's game, Catherwood was more forthcoming and said he believes NFL football star Hines Ward may to end up being the season's champion.

"I would say if I was a betting man, I'd put some money on that Hines Ward. Not only a beautiful man, but a heck of a dancer and he plays for maybe the most popular team in the NFL -- the Steelers -- so he's a dark horse," Catherwood added.