The Bachelorette host Chris Harrison says viewers may not see the clear picture of what happened during this week's broadcast of Desiree Hartsock's hometown dates with her final four suitors until the season concludes.

"This was a very interesting and pivotal episode in many ways, and with all that was going on there were some things you may not even understand until you see the dramatic two-episode finale of this season," Harrison wrote in his Entertainment Weekly blog.

Regardless of the drama to come, Harrison told TV Guide in an interview that The Bachelorette star has "four incredible guys" left. However, the host finds it funny yet predictable Hartsock sincerely fell in love with Brooks Forester, the one guy who still seems somewhat closed off.

"The one who isn't giving it up emotionally, isn't telling her everything she wants to hear, is the guy she's the most into," Harrison explained. "You'd think we'd learn from our mistakes, but it's really such a cliche. He's not the bad guy by any means and he's very much into Des for sure, but it's funny that there are three guys just throwing themselves at her and she is just trying to figure out Brooks."

Despite Forester's apparent hesitation to throw out the words, "I love you," Harrison insisted all four suitors were ready to pop the question after their hometown dates.

"I said to Des, 'If you stop this right now, there's a good chance all the guys would propose,' and that's crazy... Any of these guys would make great husbands and great fathers. She's done a great job narrowing it down, but now it's about the life she wants," Harrison told TV Guide, explaining why Hartsock probably sent Waddell home.

"It was almost as if Zak was the odd guy out, and when the music stopped we had to take one chair away. He had a great hometown and Des really enjoyed it and saw him for who he is. I don't think he'll have any problems getting a date."

Waddell's personality was almost the opposite of Kenney's, but Hartsock obviously chose to keep Kenney around.

"Drew's life might be very attractive to some. He's a very serious man, settled into who he is and what he wants. He's just not the crazy, happy-go-lucky guy who's going to bring the snow cone truck to school," Harrison said.