The Bachelorette host Chris Harrison has revealed what viewers can expect to see during tonight's episode when he tells Andi Dorfman and the cast for the first time about Eric Hill's death.

According to Harrison's Entertainment Weekly blog, Monday night's episode at 8PM ET/PT on ABC "is the week where we found out the tragic news that our friend, Eric Hill, had gotten into an accident and had passed away. This happened at the end of the week when Andi was wrapping up her final hometown visit and heading back to Los Angeles."

"I will warn you: You will see this play out in our lives," added Harrison. "It's raw and emotional, it very much affected all of us, and that's exactly why we decided to show it to you. Next week you will see it all."

Harrison also told TV Guide it wasn't easy for The Bachelorette producers to decide what to do with footage involving Hill. So far, the current tenth season has been dedicated to his memory, and during the week of his elimination, Dorfman sat down with Harrison for a sincere, personal interview.

"It was really tough for us as producers to know what to do and know how to properly handle this. We had to deal when it happened, which is right around when the show started so we made mention of it then," he said.

"The most difficult time for us was when it actually happened during the process of filming. We realized it would air almost 10 weeks after he passed away, but we couldn't ignore it because it made such a big impact on the rest of the season."

Hill, a former adventurer and extreme-sports enthusiast, died at the age of 32 in late April during a paragliding accident in Utah.