The Bachelorette alum Katie Thurston has teased that she's in a new relationship and she's very happy with her new boyfriend.

"I'm seeing somebody," Katie, 33, teased during the May 29 episode of the "Your Mom & Dad" podcast, which is co-hosted by Jess Ambrose and Evan Ambrose.

"I'm off the market! I haven't actually said this yet... You heard it here first!"


Katie clarified how she's been "taken off the market" and so she's no longer single.

The comedian gushed further about how she's "happily snatched up" and "very much in that so-called honeymoon phase."

Jess and Evan-- who know the new man in Katie's life -- acknowledged how they definitely approve of him, and The Bachelorette quipped that she already said, "I love you," to her new partner when she "was drunk."

Katie recalled, however, that she immediately said, "My bad," to this man for the premature love profession.

"I think he's the best," Katie boasted, later adding, "I literally don't know if there's anything I hate about him. Everything's still cute and quirky and adorable. I'm like, 'Yeah, do that!'"

But Katie acknowledged, "I recognized that could be a problem and [my view of him] may be unhealthy."

When asked if she'd like to keep this romance more private than her past relationships with The Bachelorette winner Blake Moynes and San Diego bartender John Hersey, Katie replied, "I don't know."

"Definitely in the beginning, I've been more private. I have, like, this 90-day trial that I always talk about. We're within that 90-day trial, but I'm very, very confident we're going to exceed that," she said.

Katie noted how she and the mystery man will "cross that bridge" when they come to it.

"But we've been seen out in public together," The Bachelor alum revealed.

"He is also a public person, so people out there already know! They knew before we even put it out there. We get the occasional comments here or there... but we're just kind of enjoying us right now."

Shortly after mentioning her relationship on the podcast, Katie took to Instagram Stories and asked for her followers' thoughts on the episode.

"So good!" one fan messaged Katie, according to Us Weekly. "Can't wait to hear more about your new bf + all the tea you'll be spilling."


In response, Katie uploaded a Polaroid of herself kissing the unidentified man on the cheek. She covered up the guy's face with a heart emoji.

Katie soft launched this relationship back in January when she was asked to give dating advice in a Q&A via Instagram Stories.

At the time, Katie reportedly posted a video of herself holding a man's hand on the couch, and she advised fans to "take things slow those first three months" to really get to know one another.

The Bachelorette Season 17 star also set her post to "Found You" by Kasbo and Chelsea Cutler.

Katie was last romantically linked to Vince Xu, whom she met and fell in love with on FBoy Island, which aired last year. The pair won the show and decided to split the $100,000 prize money after Katie learned he was one of the show's "nice guys."

After FBoy Island's Season 3 finale aired, Katie expressed how she was pleased with her final decision of selecting Vince over her runner-up Benedict Polizzi on Instagram.

"To [Vince] -- I'm thankful our paths continued to cross and that you are now part of a chapter I'll never forget," Katie wrote via Instagram alongside selfies of the former couple. "Glad we finally experienced those bottomless mimosas we dreamt about while on the island."

Hours later, Katie confirmed she and Vince had broken up and were no longer an item.

When asked if she and Vince were still in a relationship, Katie told her followers on Instagram Stories, "That's what everyone wants to know."

"No. That being said, if I'm ever asked to go on reality TV to date again, please just cancel me," The Bachelor alum quipped. "Three times and [it] doesn't work out? Maybe reality TV isn't where your husband is, just a thought."


Katie initially found fame when she appeared on Matt James' season of The Bachelor in 2021.

Matt selected Rachael Kirkconnell as his winner, and then ABC promoted Katie to The Bachelorette star of the series' seventeenth season, which wrapped on ABC in August 2021.

Katie got engaged to Blake, a Canadian wildlife specialist, during her season finale, but they announced their split only a couple of months later in October 2021.

Katie then went public with her romance with John, whom she had eliminated during Week 2 of her The Bachelorette journey, in November 2021. She was accused of moving on from Blake quickly with "a rebound" and emotionally cheating on her ex-fiance.

Katie and John split after less than one year together in June 2022, and Katie expressed on numerous occasions how John had dumped her after she allegedly gave the relationship everything she had. She apparently felt like she was never enough for him.

After ending her relationship with John, Katie decided to look for love on FBoy Island because she thought it was a unique opportunity.

"There were so many different [reasons I signed up for it]," Katie told Us in October 2023.

"I watched Season 2 when I was invited and said, 'Okay, well let's see what this show's about.' And watching it, it was so hilarious -- satirical, almost -- that it was just such a different experience from my Bachelor experience and I was looking for something a little more lighthearted."

The Bachelorette alum added at the time, "Yeah, there's a chance I fall in love, there's a chance I win money, there's a chance I make new girlfriends. It was just a win-win-win all the way around."

Katie also made a cameo on Bachelor in Paradise's ninth season last year. Katie showed up to the beach in Mexico when her ex, Blake, was dating Jess Girod.

Blake and Katie apparently squashed any beef or tension that had been between them and became friends again. They also still seemed to have chemistry and possibly lingering feelings for each other, which prompted speculation in November 2023 that they were dating again.

But according to Blake, the former couple's relationship was purely platonic after their Paradise reunion.

"You saw in the episode, it was a very cordial, mutual, mature conversation that allowed us to essentially connect again in the outside world, but in a very friendly manner -- to the point where now, it just feels truly just supportive," Blake shared during a November 2023 episode of the "Bachelor Happy Hour" podcast.

Blake elaborated on where he stood with Katie, "She bounces ideas off me. Like she was going on that other show [FBoy Island] and we were able to connect in the outside world in a way where we can have a healthy relationship with an ex. And so that's where that is."


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