The Bachelor's eighteenth-season hometown dates and overnight dates will be unprecedented, according to host Chris Harrison.

"Next week are the pivotal hometown dates, and these hometowns are unlike any we've had before. If you're expecting easy, happy-go-lucky hometowns where everybody smiles and gives the Bachelor their blessing, you're in for a big surprise," Harrison wrote in his Entertainment Weekly blog.

"I also want to let you know that next week is a special two-day [The Bachelor] event Monday and Tuesday night. Monday night will be hometowns, then Tuesday we head off to St Lucia for exotic dates, which as you saw in the previews, are interesting, to say the least. You really do not want to miss the overnight dates on Tuesday. It's truly, honestly the most intense, exotic episode ever."

Another reason this season has been different from seasons past was the lack of the infamous two-on-one date, during which one girl gets the rose and the other is automatically eliminated mid-date by The Bachelor star.

"I want to answer a quick question I got several times this week. Why wasn't there a two-on-one date last week? It's funny how our fans come to just expect and understand when things are supposed to happen. Typically if we have a two-on-one date it would indeed have taken place last week, but much to your surprise, we didn't do it this time," Harrison began.

"You have to remember that while we do often stick to a general schedule, it's definitely not set in stone. I honestly don't recall how far out we decided to not do a two-on-one this season, but you have to understand there are no rules here. Sometimes we'll decide heading into the season what the schedule will be, but we always change our game plan on the fly as we go. A number of factors can change things up. It's always a very fluid situation, and we always have to be ready and willing to roll with the punches and adapt to the relationships forming on the show."

While Harrison said Sharleen Joynt was "confused" and sent Galavis "mixed signals" as to whether she really liked him or not, Nikki Ferrell was the first bachelorette to admit she had fallen in love with the Bachelor -- although she has yet to communicate those feelings to Galavis directly on the show.

"You could clearly see part of [Sharleen] really enjoyed him and their relationship, but another side of her just wouldn't let her have that," Harrison wrote.

Harrison said because of Venezuelan culture, it was not a big deal that Ferrell got to meet Galavis' parents, his four-year-old daughter Camila and his ex-girlfriend Carla Rodriguez. However, viewers are therefore left wondering why Ferrell was the only bachelorette afforded the opportunity if it wasn't a significant moment.

"Why was it only Nikki who got to meet them? The answer is it worked well because Camila had the dance recital. So there was an event and it made sense to do it with one of the ladies, but to parade all of them through would have been awkward. Speaking of awkward, how odd was it for Nikki to have to meet Juan Pablo's ex? She handled it well, but what an uncomfortable moment that must have been," Harrison explained.

"Nikki is obviously one of the frontrunners now, but so is [Clare Crawley], and she's been there for a while now. She's not ready to easily give up that spot... Because of this battle, the house and the ladies have kind of been divided down the middle. [Chelsie Webster] and [Renee Oteri] are on team Clare and [Andi Dorfman] is on team Nikki."

Harrison pointed out, however, the "good news" is Ferrell and Crawley won't be spending much time together going forward except for Rose Ceremony gatherings.
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"While it provided for some good drama this week, it's really a moot point now," Harrison noted.

"One funny inside note to give you about the cocktail party: We showed Nikki and Clare sitting in silence alone, but that moment went on much longer than we could show and it was beyond uncomfortable. It felt like an hour, but there was a good five or ten minutes where these two just sat beside each other in complete silence. It was really amazing to watch. We showed you enough to get the point across."

In addition, Harrison wrote that everyone was sad to see Webster go, especially Galavis himself.

"Chelsie was sent home this week... She's a great girl and was liked by all. Her relationship with Juan Pablo was good but just not good enough when compared to what he has with the others, and I think she knew that. There's no way it will go unnoticed that after saying goodbye to Chelsie, Juan Pablo gave us a pretty solid 'Mesnick.' A Mesnick, of course, is named after our old Bachelor and good friend Jason Mesnick, who famously cried hysterically while leaning over a railing," he said.