The Bachelor host Chris Harrison believes Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s two-on-one date with Krystal Nielson and Kendall Long was one fans will never forget.

"The two-on-one date was one for the Bachelor history books," Chris wrote in his Entertainment Weekly blog.

"Kendall wasn't exactly sure why she was on the two-on-one date, but Krystal was confident she would be on it, and doubly confident that she would be coming home with the rose."

For their date in Paris, the awkward trio visited a beautiful chateau built in the 1600s. Arie felt anxious because he had questions about both women. On one hand, Kendall had never been in love, nor had she even been in a relationship longer than 10 months.

And on the other hand, Arie's previous week with Krystal was filled with conflict, and she showed immaturity in the way she had handled the bowling date in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

"The day started off well for [Krystal], which is actually very similar to how this whole experience started with her. I think in some ways this may be emblematic of Krystal, where the first impressions are really great, but somewhere along the line there ends up being a disconnect of some kind," Chris explained.

Kendall pointed out to cameras on the date how Krystal was all about "winning" and hid her insecurities by making cruel comments about others, while Krystal viewed Kendall as patronizing and believed the bachelorette was not ready to settle down or get married.

Kendall attempted to understand Krystal's behavior, but it became apparent that Krystal didn't even think she had an issue getting along with other women on the show.

"The conversations between Krystal and Kendall showed that there is a pretty strong disconnect between how Krystal and other people view the world around them," Chris wrote in his EW blog.

"I'm not sure there's necessarily a 'correct' way of looking at things, but at least on this two-on-one date, the people who seemed to see the world the same way were Kendall and Arie."

At the end of the date, Arie gave Kendall the date's rose based on "logic" and "an instinctual feeling." He thought Kendall had a lot of promise.

"As a result, they left together and made their way over to the Eiffel Tower for a magical moment unlike any we've ever seen," Chris said of the couple's kiss.

"But Krystal showed a softer side toward the end of the night, and I look forward to talking with her at the Women Tell All and really getting to hear her side of the story."
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Chris admitted that "the day of reckoning for Krystal" on Monday night was something Bachelor Nation had been waiting to see -- whether she'd continue to charm Arie or Kendall's continue presence on the show would restore order in the house.

"It was a long and strenuous day for Arie, but he made a tough decision, and while it may seem like an end of an era, it is only the first in a series of increasingly difficult choices as he moves forward toward hometown dates," Chris teased of future episodes.