The Bachelor couple Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are now officially husband and wife.

Giudici walked down the aisle during Sunday night's The Bachelor: Sean and Catherine's Wedding special to take Lowe's hand in marriage.

The ceremony was officiated by Lowe's father and hundreds of people were in attendance, including many bachelors and bachelorettes from prior seasons of the show franchise.

Giudici had her hair gently pulled back and wore a form-fitting lace mermaid-style gown complete with a long veil and train. Lowe sported a traditional black tuxedo and started to cry the moment he saw his bride from a distance. The aisle was lined with a light-brown fence wrapped in green vines and white roses, and gold chandeliers hung around the area. Lowe and Giudici exchanged their memorized personal vows on a white platform in between six tall pillars that were also completely covered in white roses.

"Before I met you, before I even knew you existed, I knew you were coming. I was ready to give my whole heart to someone and now here you are. The first time I saw you, you were like a light to my bug. I had to find you. You mesmerized me with how brightly you shone. Every time I look up at you, my heart fills with love-sprinkles. Every time I kiss you, my whole body feels it. Sometimes I think I'm going to explode from how much I love you. I am completely consumed by you, and tonight, we get to become one," a teary-eyed Giudici recited.

"I promise to love you until after my heart bursts. I promise to love you after our children are old and gray. I promise to love you after we can't even remember our own names. I will still know how fully I have loved you. You are my dream and my reality, my future and my present, my whole heart and my best friend. I thank God for bringing me to you, instilling that light so I could find you. I thank God for bringing you to me and igniting that same light. I can't wait to shine together and make everybody completely blind."

After the crowd let out a little laugh, it then became time for Lowe to say his vows.

"From the moment I met you, I wanted more. I wanted more of your infectious smile, I wanted more of your adorable giggle and I wanted more of your love. You had my hooked from the beginning and I didn't want to let you go. We met in the strangest way you could possibly meet someone, on The Bachelor, with an army of people following us around with cameras. But I know that wasn't by accident," Lowe said.

"God says that all things work together for the good of those who love Him. I know that we met on The Bachelor so that I could fall in love with my best friend. Every day, I am encouraged by your love and your selflessness. And as your husband, I promise to always put you first. I promise to be the best father I can be to our children, and I promise to always make you laugh with my silly faces and ridiculous voices. So today, in front of my dad, my family, all of our friends, I want to say that I love you and I'm going to love you for eternity."

The rest of the two-hour special featured behind-the-scenes footage of Lowe and Giudici's relationship as they planned their wedding and wedding night. Giudici and Lowe were waiting until marriage to have sex and living in separate places in Dallas, TX -- Lowe in his loft apartment and Giudici with one of Lowe's best friends -- before they tied the knot.

Giudici was very particular about her "grown sexy" themed wedding and looking forward to exposing her femininity and sexuality to Lowe once they became man and wife. She tried on many wedding dresses before choosing the perfect one for her and even compiled a portfolio of modeling pictures she had taken in lingerie for her new husband.
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