Thirteenth-season The Bachelor star Jason Mesnick says that, despite its turbulent beginning, his new relationship with originally-rejected bachelorette Molly Malaney is still going well.  

"Molly and I are happy, Mesnick tells People magazine in its newest issue, which hits newsstands Friday.

Mesnick's comments come despite the fact that the couple say they haven't had a chance to spend a lot of time together since the show's finale. However they were recently able to get together and spend time together in Malaney's home in suburban Milwaukee, with Mesnick meeting her friends with positive results.

"They all gave him the stamp of approval!" Malaney told People.

During the visit Mesnick also said that he had learned up on his Midwest terminology -- specifically Malaney's penchant for "grilling out," a mid-western term for barbecuing.

"It's normal, right, to say 'grilling out?'" Malaney said with a laugh as she snuggled with Mesnick in her living room, according to People.

Mesnick also said he's been trying to get Malaney to expand her palette to include new foods and restaurants she has not tried before.

"She really has a hard time trying new things," said Mesnick, who also noted that Malaney is good at some things he's not, like keeping to a schedule. "We pull each other in the right direction."

Malaney still hasn't been to Seattle since The Bachelor's finale aired on March 2, however she expects to rectify the situation soon enough.

"I'm headed out to Seattle in a couple of weeks," Malaney told People. "I'm excited to just spend some time with [Jason's four-year-old son Ty] outside of the cameras and production."