The Amazing Race's "Mother and Son" Denise Williams and James Earl Corley were eliminated during Friday night's broadcast of the CBS reality competition's 27th season.

Denise and James became the seventh team eliminated from the around-the-world competition after they arrived at the Race's tenth Pit Stop on the grounds of a big party in India in last place.

Denise and James grew close and reconnected on the Race after having a bit of an estranged relationship due to Denise's strict religion and her son revealing he's gay. James was proud of his mom, saying she's a lot tougher than she looks. Denise admitted she loves her son unconditionally even though she previously struggled to accept him.

The Race broadcast began with "Engaged Couple and Amazing Race Super Fans" Justin Scheman and Diana Bishop leaving the ninth Pit Stop in Agra, India near the Taj Mahal in first place at 5:10PM.

Justin and Diana were then followed by "Dating Co-Workers and News Anchors" Kelsey Gerckens and Joey Buttitta at 5:18PM, "Dating Paparazzi Business Partners" Logan Fazio and Chris Gordon at 5:23PM, "Former NFL Cheerleaders" Tiffany Chantell and Krista Debono at 6PM, and finally Denise and James at 6:28PM.

The teams' first set of clues instructed them to make their way to Kachora Bazaar and search for their next clue. The teams were warned another U-Turn was up ahead.

Justin and Diana told the cameras Chris and Logan had rubbed them the wrong way by throwing their own lie back at them and blaming them for stirring up trouble and being sneaky. The couple therefore considered U-Turning Chris and Logan if they got to the mat before them.

Meanwhile, Kelsey and Joey were sick of second place and desperate to win this leg. The "Reporters" said if Justin and Diana were smart, they'd U-Turn them because they're the toughest competition left on the show.

When Chris and Logan left the ninth Pit Stop, Chris was throwing up and his stomach was in really bad shape. However, he said he wasn't going to use his sickness as an excuse nor was he going to quit.

Tiffany and Krista talked about how people had underestimated them and no one would've ever expected them competing in the tenth leg. As for Denise and James, they just held onto hope of eventually beating the "Green Team," who had already won six legs.

Once the teams arrived at the Kachora Bazaar, it became time for one member from each team to complete a Roadblock task.

For the Roadblock, the participants had to blow up many balloons and use them to fill a giant net. Afterward, they had to carry the net filled with balloons on the back of a bike and deliver them to a wedding party planner in order to receive their next clue.

Justin opted to take on the Roadblock task for his team. He was later joined by Joey, Logan, Tiffany and James.
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While working side by side, Justin asked Joey whom he'd like to U-Turn and then suggested taking out Chris and Logan. Kelsey and Joey agreed to the plan but probably weren't hung up on keeping any promises, especially since Justin and Diana were nearly impossible to beat at this point in the Race.

Tiffany plowed through the Roadblock but then a person cut her net while she was riding her bike across a busy, congested bridge. She was so upset, but the party planner gave Tiffany her next clue anyways.

Waiting on the sidelines, Denise begged Krista not to U-Turn, and Krista assured her that would never happen because the "Mother and Son" were the only trustworthy and loyal team left in her eyes. Denise appeared very relieved at the news.

Justin and Diana finished the Roadblock in first place and were soon followed by Kelsey and Joey, Chris and Logan, Tiffany and Krista, and Denise and James.

The teams then learned they must proceed to the Goyal Book Store, where they must search for their next clue. The U-Turn board was set up at this destination. It marked the first time in The Amazing Race history there were three U-Turn twists in one season.

Justin and Diana arrived at the U-Turn board before any of the other teams. They chose to U-Turn Chris and Logan because they were a tough team and Justin and Diana wanted to help their friends -- Tiffany and Krista as well as Kelsey and Joey. Justin and Diana insisted the move was nothing personal.

Kelsey and Joey got to the U-Turn in second place and were shocked not to be U-Turned. The "Reporters" determined Justin and Diana were honest and reliable, so they intended to keep the "Engaged Couple" as allies going forward.

Once Chris and Logan discovered they must complete both sides of the Detour, they were disappointed but pretty much saw it coming. Chris and Logan were annoyed with Justin and Diana and told the cameras they didn't like them.

Tiffany and Krista stepped on the U-Turn mat next and were glad it wasn't them. They seemed surprised, however, about Justin and Diana's target. Lastly, Denise and James learned they had not been U-Turned and were thrilled.

Next up was the Detour. The teams had to pick one of two possible tasks: "Bring the Groom" or "Bring the Fun."

"Bring the Groom" required one person on a team to carry an electric candelabra while the other teammate pushed a large generator on wheels down a street. The teams had to follow the groom in a wedding and then walk him towards his waiting bride to receive their next clue.

"Bring the Fun" required the teams to deliver a popular carnival ride through the busy streets and then give eight children a ride to receive their next clue.

Kelsey and Joey decided to try the "Groom" task along with Tiffany and Krista and Denise and James. Justin and Diana selected "Fun" along with Logan and Chris.

However, Chris and Logan knew they had to eventually complete "Groom" in addition to "Fun." Chris was particularly annoyed since he wasn't feeling well.

Justin and Diana and Kelsey and Joey finished their tasks quickly and with ease.

By the time Chris and Logan got to their second Detour task, Tiffany and Krista were still walking in the procession because they had trouble starting their generator, so the "Paparazzi" knew they still had a chance to survive.

Denise and James arrived at the actual location of the "Groom" Detour in last place. They saw Chris and Logan working ahead of them so they dug deep and pushed hard.

Justin and Diana finished the Detour in first place. They were then followed by Kelsey and Joey, Tiffany and Krista, Chris and Logan, and finally Denise and James.

The teams were then instructed to search for The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan at the party. Phil was waiting at the show's tenth Pit Stop.

Justin and Diana stepped on the Pit Stop mat in first place. Phil announced they each had won $5,000. Kelsey and Joey got there next -- only minutes behind the "Green Team" -- followed by Tiffany and Krista in third place and then Chris and Logan in fourth. Denise and James finally met Phil in fifth -- and last -- place.