The Amazing Race's 26th season just aired a proposal in which Matt Cucolo got down on one knee for his girlfriend Ashley Gordon at the third Pit Stop in Thailand, and now they're both gushing about it.

Matt, 30, and Ashley, 28, are both hairstylists from Scarsdale, NY. While they've known each other for 10 years, they've only dated for three. Matt apparently decided to propose to Ashley before the Race began, but he wanted to wait until the perfect moment during their race around the world.

"Basically, I went with my heart," Matt told Us Weekly.

When Matt popped the question in front of the other teams and The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan atop a beautiful mountain in Phuket, he promised Ashley three things: He'd always say "I love you" in the morning, always kiss her goodnight and always admit she's right.

"When we started the Race, we started off a little rocky. We went to Japan and I said to myself, 'The next leg, the next country that we go to that's absolutely beautiful, I'm gonna figure out where and when I want to do it,'" he said.

Matt carried around the engagement ring in his fanny pack, so when he left it behind at a challenge towards the end of the third leg, viewers can now understand why he completely flipped out. However, he quickly retrieved the fanny pack, including the diamond sparkler his girlfriend had dropped hints about months prior.

"We raced back and I got it and we're racing to the finish line. It just so happened... every single team was at the pit stop when we got there. I'm freaking out now because we're standing on this mountain, looking at everybody," Matt explained to Us.

"I'm realizing I'm about to ask her to marry me and there's like 20 cameras on me and my whole body starts shaking. My nerves just won't calm down and it's getting worse and worse."

"He's shaking and he keeps grabbing my hand and I'm like, 'Stop! What are you doing?'" Ashley recalled.

Matt then nailed his proposal and Ashley cried tears of joy -- despite the fact she apparently wished she could've gotten a manicure beforehand.

Now that it's been a few months since their special engagement, Ashley told Us they are still going strong and very happy.

"Thus far he has" kept his promises, according to Ashley. "He always did all those things since basically day one when we moved together. He's a very sensitive, loving person."
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