``Temptation Island,'' which features scantily clad singles working hard to tempt couples to stray from their mates, averaged 16.1 million viewers overall and a household rating of 10.5, compared with 17.7 million viewers and a 12.0 rating for ``West Wing.''

But ``Temptation'' -- filmed on a Caribbean island off Belize -- carried the hour among the coveted young adult viewers, scoring a healthy rating of 8.3 in the 18-49 demographic, against a 6.3 rating in that demographic for ``West Wing.''

In terms of total viewers and ratings for young adults, the ''Temptation Island'' debut marked the strongest Wednesday night series premiere ever for Fox. ``It did pretty good numbers,'' said Stacy Lynne Koerner, an analyst with T.N. Media, which buys network time on behalf of advertisers. She admitted she found the show ``personally repugnant.''

Interestingly, ``Temptation Island'' got off to a stronger start than the first episode of ``Survivor'' in all key Nielsen measures. ...god help us if this is a sign of things to come.

Source: Reuters