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  • TI1 Single Alison Now Working Nights/Weekends in PA Medical Center

    October 2, 2001
    Here's a "Where are they now update" for anyone wondering...

    "The Pocono Medical Center's new in-house physician has a little more on her resume than the usual recruit: She was a contestant on 'Temptation Island,' Fox's prime-time reality romance show, and a Playboy centerfold."

    "Dr. Alison E. Dietrich was recently hired to cover night and weekend shifts at the medical center. Board certified in family practice medicine, Deitrich graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine after earning a biology degree with highest honors from Penn State. Deitrich, 29, grew up near Kutztown, PA."

    Source: NewsItem.com

  • FOX To Air "Temptation Island Reunion Wedding Special" on 10/31

    September 13, 2001
    Have you worried all summer over what became of 'Temptation Island' couples Mandy and Billy, Shannon and Andy, and Valerie and Kaya? FOX understands your anxiety, and will sate it come Halloween night.

    "At 8 p.m. ET that night, you can find out what happened to the three pairs (but not, alas, ousted couple Ytossie and Taheed) on the 'Temptation Island Reunion Wedding Special.' Yes, it appears one of the couples survived the trauma of 16 oversexed singles trying to split them and decided to tie the knot. The single tempters and temptresses will be there as well, meaning a dramatic 'Stop the wedding!' moment is not out of the question."

    "Conveniently, the premiere of 'Temptation Island 2,' taped in Costa Rica, will immediately follow the reunion special. The fun begins at 8 p.m. ET Wednesday, Oct. 31 on FOX. 'Temptation Island 2' will shimmy into its regular time slot at 9 p.m. the following night."

    Source: Zap2It.com

  • Singles Elizabeth And Matt Said To Be Dating

    August 17, 2001
    Well, at least SOMEONE seems to have made a connection on the damn show... The Minneapolis Star Tribune is reporting that hometown boy 'Matt' (one of the Temptation Island single guys) and Elizabeth of the Temptation Island single girls are dating. But let's be clear here -- says Matt: "Elizabeth is not my girlfriend. That's a quote." Um, OK... whatever.

    Source: Minneapolis Star-Tribune

  • Kaya Appearring In USA's 'Cannonball Run 2001' This Week

    August 6, 2001
    Survivor I's Susan Hawk, Survivor II's Jeff Varner, and Temptation Island's Kaya are one of the racing team in USA Network's 'Cannonball Run 2001' special -- a five night series airung this Sunday (8/5) through Thursday (8/9) on USA Network.
  • British Version Of 'Temptation Island' Being Planned

    April 29, 2001
    Sky One and Channel 4 are planning to show a UK version of the controversial US reality TV show Temptation Island. A Sky One spokesman said that they are going ahead with the 12 part (that's double the original length of the US version) series but have not agreed the details.

    A Channel 4 spokesman confirmed that they have "acquired the US version for broadcast and will show the version Sky One are making". Sky One are looking at a variety of locations - including Belize, the Seychelles and the British Virgin Islands - but nothing is as yet confirmed.

    Channel 4 will not have editorial control over the show and will broadcast it only after Sky One does.

    Source: BBC

  • Taheed & Ytossie Sue 'Temptation Island' Producers

    March 29, 2001
    Geez, won't these two go away... Stacey wanna-be's...

    "Ytossie Patterson and Taheed Watson claim defamation of character. They want unspecified punitive and compensatory damages. Patterson and Watson were kicked off when it was revealed they had a two-year-old child -- a fact they allegedly hid from producers."

    "But the couple claim producers always knew they had a child --but decided it would boost ratings if the fact was revealed during an episode. They also claim an episode in which producers chastised the two for the alleged revelations was 'condescending and humiliating.'"

    ...humiliated??? ...what did these two expect?"

  • Temptation Island Finale The Highest Rated Program Of The Night

    March 2, 2001
    The final episode of "Temptation Island," pulled in 17.3 million viewers.

    Those numbers made it the highest rated program of the night in Adults 18-49, pulling a 9.4/21, and Adults 18-34 (12.6/30), according to Nielsen fast national ratings.

    Since its premiere, "Temptation Island" has more than doubled FOX's prior 00/01 season average in the time period; "Temptation" has averaged 16.6 million from 1/10-2/28, compared to the 7.6 million total viewers season average before the show from 10/2/00-1/3/01.

    Source: Zap2It.com"

  • Quick Info from Mandy's Howard Stern Appearance...

    February 28, 2001
    Jemod was cool enough to send off a quick email listing some of the interesting info revealed in Mandy's appearance on the Howard Stern show this morning:

    - Yes, the rumors are true, Mandy was an extra on the movie Road Trip. That's where she was "discovered" and asked to audition for Temptation Island.

    - Mandy has turned down $1,500,000 to pose in Playboy. (funny, unless she's holding out for more $$$, Mandy isn't the type that we'd have expected to have a problem with posing in Playboy)

    - Mandy turned down a record deal with Capitol because they wanted to turn her into another Britney Spears. (hey, what's wrong with Britney? ...so instead Mandy has apparently chosen to go with the Christina Aguilera-corn-row-braids-look instead)"

  • FOX To Make Decision On 'Temptation Island' Sequel Soon

    February 27, 2001
    Fox television executives said on Tuesday the jury is still out on a possible sequel to the libido-fueled 'reality' hit 'Temptation Island.'

    "Network brass said they will wait until viewership numbers are in from the seventh and final episode Wednesday before deciding whether to order a second block of the controversial series, which entices unmarried couples to break up their relationships."

    "'We are considering a second Temptation Island seriously. We are waiting to see the numbers for Wednesday night, and a final decision will be made,' said Fox Entertainment President Gail Berman."

    "Last week, the show's viewership suffered against competition from the Grammy Awards telecast on CBS, falling to its lowest ratings since its Jan. 10 premiere. But the show's fourth episode, two weeks earlier, drew a robust 18.2 million viewers, giving Fox its first overall ratings win for Wednesdays since August 1999. The segment also propelled Fox to its best Wednesday showing in more than six years among viewers aged 18 to 49, the demographic most prized by advertisers. Berman declined to say how well the show's finale had to perform in the ratings in order to win a renewal."

    "But Sandy Grushow, chairman of the Fox Television Entertainment Group, a unit of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. Ltd., suggested Fox executives are rooting for the series."

    "'It's a show that's going to make a substantial amount of money,' he said. 'Our affiliates absolutely loved the show, and they're waiting for Temptation 2,' he said."

    Our take on the situation -- money talks and morals walk -- expect production on TI2 to begin within weeks.

    Source: Reuters/iWon.com

  • Mandy To Appear On Howard Stern Show

    February 26, 2001
    For all you Mandy fans, Jemod was nice enough to pass along that apparently Mandy is scheduled to appear on the Howard Stern Show sometime this week (sorry, that's all the specifics we know). Yikes, Mandy and Howard -- now THERE IS A COUPLE!!! ...here's hoping the appearance makes the nightly E! television show, or maybe the weekly syndicated show

    UPDATE 2/27: This morning Howard announced that Mandy will be on the Wednesday, 2/28 radio show. He also claimed to be "very anxious to meet her." Thanks again to Jemod for the update.


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