Teen Mom star Amber Portwood may soon have to take her maternity clothes out of storage.

Amber is believed to be pregnant with her second child, Life & Style reported Wednesday.

According to the magazine, Amber's on-again, off-again fiance Gary Shirley has been telling friends the Teen Mom star is once again expecting since the couple returned from a recent vacation in Tennessee. 

However according to close friend Jordan Sanchez, Gary may not be the father given the couple's rocky relationship history.

"Yes, I've heard that Amber is pregnant," Jordan told Life & Style.  "[But] Amber has been with at least one other guy while she's still with Gary. She likes to explore."

In addition, Jordan suggested Amber may just be lying about being pregnant.

"Amber does manipulate Gary," he told Life & Style. "Pretending to be pregnant could just be another example of her trying to manipulate him and keep people interested in the show."