Attention the "Soul Patrol," Taylor Hicks will soon be making his first two albums available to the digital world.

Before Hicks won American Idol's fifth season in May 2006, he independently recorded an album in 1997 called In Your Time, which included both studio and live tracks, followed by the 2005 release of Under the Radar, his second album he recorded and produced himself.

As for the big news, both albums will be released November 19 in their limited editions digitally for the first time ever.

In Your Time will feature a brand new recording of "Somehow" in addition to six other tracks, while Under the Radar will provide a bonus track called "No Place I'd Rather Be" as well as seven other songs.

In the meantime, Hicks is touring and putting the finishing touches on his latest album which will be released in early 2016.

When Hicks won American Idol by defeating runner-up Katharine McPhee nearly a decade ago, he was signed to Arista Records managed by show creator Simon Fuller. Hicks released his first major-label record Taylor Hicks in December 2006, but he was dropped from the label two years later.