Survivor I's Susan Hawk, Survivor II's Jeff Varner, and Temptation Island's Kaya are one of the racing team in USA Network's 'Cannonball Run 2001' special -- a five night series airung this Sunday (8/5) through Thursday (8/9) on USA Network.


The event is just what you're thinking it is -- a wacky race-cross-the-country car race inspired by the original 1970's version. The survivor's team probably received once of the coolest looking cars, a pimped out, early '70s hearse. ...and Jeff prefers to ride in the back (where the coffin usually goes), we have no idea why.

USA presents six mismatched teams of three people travelling the back roads of America in tricked-out vehicles, using any means available to sabotage their rivals and get to the finish line first in a coast-to-coast dash for $100,000 in cash. Teams include the survivors, some Playboy bunnies, a couple of frat boys, a couple of LA rappers, two country hicks from Knoxville, TN, and a "committed, loving couple" (who oh look, just happen to be models, consider us cynical...)

If you are interested, catch the action nightly at 10PM or 1AM EST, or the next day at 11AM or 4PM EST. See the Cannonball Run website for more information

Source: Cannonball Run 2001 Website