Survivor: Game Changers' Maku Maku tribe voted out Andrea Boehlke followed by Michaela Bradshaw during Wednesday night's jam-packed episode of Season 34 on CBS.

Maku Maku eliminated and seemingly blindsided Andrea at Tribal Council on Night 33 of the game with six out of eight votes from Michaela, Sarah Lacina, Cirie Fields, Brad Culpepper, Tai Trang, and Troy "Troyzan" Robertson. Andrea became the thirteenth person voted out of the game and the season's sixth jury member.

Andrea and her close ally, Aubry Bracco, had voted for Brad since he's a big physical threat, thinking that Sarah, Cirie and Michaela were with them. 

"It's really frustrating going out on Day 33. I thought that I was playing a better game and a smarter game. And I thought I had real relationships, but it's Survivor and you can't really trust anyone," Andrea said in her final words.

On her way out of the game, Andrea pointed at Cirie to expose that she knew of her betrayal, but Andrea ended up just playfully tickling Cirie for making the big move.

Andrea became her own alliance's target when she had made it known that she wanted Sarah gone because the police officer was playing an aggressive game and had also been pandering to Sierra Dawn Thomas when she exited the game.

(Sarah pretended to be shocked and upset when Sierra was voted out of the game just so that Sierra would pass her "Legacy Advantage" on to her as previously promised. Little did Sierra know, Sarah had orchestrated her vote-off to begin with).

Andrea viewed Sarah as a big threat and was suspicious by her behavior, but Cirie wanted to keep Sarah around for her own benefit. Not only were Cirie and Sarah friends, but Cirie thought Sarah would be a great person to take to the end since she flip-flopped during the game and pissed so many people off.

Cirie was apparently banking on a bitter jury. At that point in the game, Sarah had been responsible for putting both Debbie Wanner and Sierra Dawn on the jury, and she had voted for her best friend Zeke Smith when he had been her alliance's target thanks to Andrea pulling some strings.

Cirie therefore warned Sarah of Andrea's intentions as well as her close bond with Aubry, and so the pair gathered troops to take Andrea out.

"I can't stand the girl," Sarah was shown telling the cameras of Andrea.

At this point in the game, Sarah had the "Legacy Advantage" but also another advantage in which she could steal someone's vote at Tribal Council and vote twice herself.
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On Day 33, Aubry won the Individual Immunity Challenge in which the castaways had to balance a board with one hand as they built a house of cards with the other hand.

Later in the episode, the Maku Maku tribe voted out Michaela at Tribal Council on Night 35 of the game. Michaela became the fourteenth person voted out of the game and the season's seventh jury member after she received four out seven votes from Brad, Troyzan, Sarah and Tai.

Aubry and Michaela had voted for Tai, while Cirie voted to oust Aubry from Survivor: Game Changers. Michaela didn't think it made any sense for the tribe to vote her out.

"I'm kind of bummed, but I'm excited. I made it to Day 35. It's been a wild experience. It's a compliment to be voted off because people think they can't beat me. It don't hurt my feelings. I wanted to win a million dollars, but maybe I'll have to come back and play a third time to get to the end," Michaela said following her ouster.

Michaela was not the target going into Tribal Council. At first, it was Brad; however, he won the Individual Immunity Challenge that required solving a block puzzle.

Michaela's alliance then wanted to take Tai out. Not only were Tai and Aubry beginning to look like a dangerous pair in Cirie's eyes, but Tai also flat out told Aubry that it was time to get rid of Sarah.

When Cirie caught wind of such news and warned Sarah that Tai was gunning for her, Sarah couldn't believe that Cirie was buying every word Aubry was selling. Sarah told the cameras that she would believe Tai over Aubry any day, and Cirie was shocked at how stubborn Sarah was being. Sarah refused to vote out Tai.

As a result, Cirie -- who was holding the "steal-a-vote advantage" after Sarah gave it to her to solidify trust -- planned to use the advantage without Sarah knowing to steal her vote for Aubry and cast two votes herself for Tai.

Cirie thought she was doing her pal Sarah a favor by exposing Tai as a rat, but she did worry that Tai had a hidden Immunity Idol to play after votes were cast. Cirie therefore tried to make Tai as comfortable as possible before Tribal, telling him that she'd use the advantage to keep him safe," but Tai wasn't sure if he could trust her. Tai had thought everyone was targeting Aubry.

Before it was time to vote, Cirie announced she was going to use the advantage to steal Sarah's vote, but much to her own dismay, the advantage could not be stolen -- and it was non-transferable.

Cirie hadn't fully read and understood the terms, so Sarah asked for the paper back and appeared very angry. As Survivor host Jeff Probst pointed out, Cirie's intention was exposed but she no longer had the power to make the move.

Sarah then whispered in Tai's ear, and chaos broke out at Tribal Council. Cirie and Michaela ganged up on Sarah to swear to her that they were making a move to protect her, but at the end of the night, Sarah decided to use her advantage to steal Tai's vote and then turned on Michaela with the help of Brad's alliance.

Although Tai had two hidden Immunity Idols in his pocket, he opted out of playing either of them during last night's episode.