Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance's merged Orkun tribe snuffed Joe Anglim's torch during Season 31's Wednesday night episode on CBS.

Joe, who previously competed on Survivor: Worlds Apart, became the twelfth castaway voted out of the game and the season's sixth jury member. Joe was ousted via a 6-1-1 vote against Abi-Maria Gomes and Tasha Fox at Tribal Council on Night 32 of the game.

"I have no regrets. I don't leave anything back behind me and say, 'I could've done this better or that better.' I tried to play the best game I knew how and had so much fun and I was able to reach so many goals. Just getting my dad out here. That alone, for me, was a million dollar experience and I have the fans to thank for it," Joe said following his ouster.

The Survivor broadcast began on Day 30 with Spencer talking about needing to repair his relationship with Jeremy Collins after blindsiding Stephen Fishbach, whom had been Jeremy's closest ally. Spencer didn't want to take Jeremy to the end, but he still wanted to be solid with him for a while. The two guys ultimately trusted one another.

Meanwhile, Kimmi Kappenberg and Kelley Wentworth discussed getting rid of Joe as long as he lost the next Individual Immunity Challenge. They also figured they could form an all-female alliance with four girls and take out the guys one by one after Joe. Kimmi noted she didn't compete on Survivor to become a pawn, so she was ready to make a big move.

When the castaways gathered for a Reward Challenge, Survivor host Jeff Probst brought out each castaway's loved one.

Jeremy was reunited with his wife Val Collins -- whom no one knew was pregnant -- Tasha hugged her cousin, Spencer said "I love you" to the first time to his girlfriend, Abi got to see her mother, Wentworth was reunited with her dad Dale Wentworth who previously played Survivor with her, Keith Nale got his wife, and both Joe and Kimmi got their fathers to visit.

Joe admitted it was his dream to be on Survivor and have his father be his loved one.

For the Reward Challenge, each player had to race to dig up bags in the sand and then spin around a post to retrieve another bag. Once dizzy, they had to make their way across a balance beam, collecting another bag. The castaways then had to use those pieces to solve a word puzzle.

The winner would receive a Survivor barbecue back at camp, joined by his or her loved one.

In the end, Wentworth won and she was able to pick three tribe members and their loved ones to accompany her. She selected Keith and his wife, Abi and her mother, Kimmi and her dad, and then Joe and his dad. While choosing two women in her alliance, Wentworth also selected two men sort of at random based on how strong their bonds were with their loved ones.

Back at camp, Spencer told Tasha that the Fishbach move was nothing against her and it wasn't designed to be a betrayal. The pair, along with Jeremy, made a Final 3 pact.
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However, Tasha still had the option of an all-female alliance on the side. No matter what though, both sides of the tribe wanted Joe gone next. Spencer was worried about how the tribe hadn't gotten rid of Joe already when they had the chance but he needed Fishbach out and Joe's help to do it. 

On Day 32, the Orkun tribe participated in the next Individual Immunity Challenge. Each player was required to balance a wooden statue on a pole. At regular intervals of five minutes, they had to add more pole themselves, making it more difficult to balance the statue. If a statue dropped, that person would be out of the challenge.

In a twist, Probst revealed the last man and woman standing would each earn immunity and be safe from the next vote.

Kimmi was out of the challenge first followed by Abi. After 25 minutes, Tasha was out -- declaring Wentworth the female winner. Spencer then dropped out of the game followed by Jeremy. After one hour and 20 minutes of concentration and focus, Joe appeared to pass out on the ground, naming Keith the male winner of the challenge.

Medics circled around Joe and determined he had used all of his reserve. His blood sugar got too low and therefore he couldn't support himself and fell over. Joe, who said his legs went numb after waking up, turned out to be fine. However, he started crying about the idea of his time on Survivor being up.   

Abi and Wentworth agreed Joe had to go because no one could beat a guy who pushes himself to the point of fainting in a challenge. The girls agreed to an alliance with each other, but Tasha apparently still wanted to stick with Jeremy and Spencer. She wasn't entirely sure which side to take.

Joe then fought for his spot in the game. He told Jeremy that Abi was the most dangerous person because everyone wanted to take her to the end since everyone could beat her in the Final 3. Joe also pointed out he wanted "real players" to make it to the end in a Second Chance season. Joe thought his argument really registered with Jeremy.

Tasha then told Spencer and Jeremy about the all-girls alliance. Although she didn't want them to hear it from anyone else, Tasha realized she probably made a mistake because she only made them more paranoid and suspicious.

Spencer was terrified about keeping Joe and getting rid of Abi, or, getting rid of Joe and keeping Abi. He and Jeremy had to decide whether it would be more important to take out a huge threat or stop a new potential alliance forming in its tracks. Spencer wasn't completely convinced Tasha would take him to the end, so he feared a girls alliance.

Tasha insisted to Jeremy they should not keep Joe in the game because if he builds momentum again, no one could beat him in challenges or in the Final 3.

At Tribal Council that night, Jeremy told Probst it was time to pick an alliance because no one wanted to end up at the bottom of a voting block. Joe and Abi both felt at the bottom of the respective groups and felt they could be in trouble.

Joe then announced Abi was a big threat because everyone wanted to pull her to the end. Abi wasn't confident about her position at all. However, she said "a mold" was going on and they needed to extinguish "the bad apple."

Before voting commenced, Joe asked people to "stick to the plan." When Spencer cast his vote, he admitted it was likely going to be a winning or losing vote, which terrified him.

Probst then disclosed the votes: Joe, Abi, Tasha, Joe, Joe, and Joe. Survivor's "Golden Boy" wished the boys "best of luck" on his way out of Tribal, prompting Wentworth to roll her eyes.

The episode's closing credits later showed that Abi, Wentworth, Kimmi, Tasha, Spencer and Jeremy voted for Joe.

Joe cast his vote for Abi, while Keith voted for Tasha. An explanation behind Keith's vote wasn't really provided.