Ruby Gettinger will reportedly allow viewers to follow her life-or-death battle with obesity.

Style Network has ordered Ruby, a new reality series starring the 500-pound Savannah, GA native as she attempts to lose weight, The Hollywood Reporter reported Wednesday.

"Ruby really caught our attention because she is such a wonderful, multidimensional woman with a great sense of humor," Style Network executive Salaam Coleman Smith told The Reporter.

The nine-episode series will follow Gettinger as she struggles to shed the excess pounds at her doctor's orders after she was informed it's a matter of life or death.

Ruby will be produced by Gay Rosenthal Prods., with Gettinger's friend Brittany Daniel serving as a consulting executive producer, according to The Reporter

Daniel -- an actress who has appeared on several television shows, including The Game and Dawson's Creek --will also appear on-screen in Ruby.  She said she became friends with Gettinger seven years ago while living in Los Angeles.

"Ruby really wants to inspire people," Daniel told The Reporter. "And she's so entertaining and hysterical, so it's going to be an inspirational but also a really fun show."

Ruby is currently slated to debut this fall on Style Network, according to The Reporter.