The NY Post reports that MTV's upcoming second season of 'Sorority Life' and its spin-off 'Fraternity Life' reality TV programs will follow adventures of pledge classes from the University of Buffalo's local Greek organizations, Sigma Chi Omega fraternity and Delta Xi Omega sorority. As with the sorority featured during the first season of 'Sorority Life,' neither group is nationally affiliated.

According to the Post, most Greek organizations at the University of Buffalo are based in North Buffalo's slum-like neighborhood of University Heights, near the school's South Campus and live in small homes that house up to nine people. The Greeks do not usually live in cushy fraternity or sorority house like on other campuses or other MTV programming a la, "The Real World." But for these new shows, MTV took over the rent for some of the two Greek organizations' houses and redecorated the interiors so that they'd appear more snazzy on TV, according to industry sources. The network also rented separate homes for each pledge class so they can live together and be filmed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The two shows are expected to air back-to-back on Monday nights beginning in February and will follow six pledges from each organization.