So You Think You Can Dance will be dropping its results show next season.

So You Think You Can Dance co-creator and executive producer Nigel Lythgoe has announced there will be no results show when the reality dance competition's ninth season airs on Fox this summer.

"Fox has canceled the results show, so I will have to change the format of So You Think You Can Dance. At least we have another season at the end of May," Lythgoe wrote on his Twitter account New Years Day, adding that he is excited about the upcoming season.

"Don't worry So You Think You Can Dance fans. I'm thrilled we have a new series. We'll do our best to find some great talent starting next week in Atlanta."

Although the show must be drastically modified to support a new format, Lythgoe insisted he has no hard feelings towards the network.

"I'm certainly not mad at Fox. They have supported So You Think You Can Dance for nine seasons. With the help of [Fox reality chief] Mike Darnell, I think we have some great new ideas," Lythgoe added.

While it would still be possible to accommodate a home viewer vote after the contestants perform each week throughout the season, Lythgoe suggested it is unclear whether the show will utilize the method.

"In order to continue America's vote, results would have to be given the following week," Lythgoe subsequently tweeted.