Former sixth-season finalists, seventh-season finalists, and the all-star dancers who participated in the show's upcoming seventh season may all end up being part of So You Think You Can Dance's 2010 national tour.

"This opens it right up, if we're using all-stars this season, do we bring some all-stars back on the tour? Do we put [sixth- and seventh-season contestants] on the tour?" So You Think You Can Dance executive producer and lead judge Nigel Lythgoe told reporters during a Monday conference call.

"I think we're going to end up with a very exciting show."

Each So You Think You Can Dance edition's Top 10 finalists have participated in a post-show tour since the competition's second season in 2006.

However that was not the case with last fall's sixth season, as Fox decided to air the show's first-ever fall installment immediately on the heels of its fifth season this past summer, resulting in a Season 6 tour never taking place.

While a So You Think You Can Dance representative also cited the back-to-back nature of the fifth and sixth seasons as the reason for the decision in December, Lythgoe said several other factors also fed into the decision to not have national tour featuring sixth-season finalists.

"As for not putting Season 6 out there, a lot of that was to do with it was the second So You Think You Can Dance tour in a year, it was the weather, and it was theaters being booked up," he explained.

"The Season 6 tour wasn't done because of this whole sort of January/February situation if I took one out. We'd never done that before. Most of the theaters were taken, there was terrible weather going on, and it was felt that it would be wrong to do."

In addition, Lythgoe said the "big onus" on the sixth season for not having a tour could be remedied thanks to the fall tour that will follow the seventh season, which he said there was recently a meeting about.
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