Lloyd Eisler and his amazing sperm strike again. Nine months after the former Olympic figure skater's ex-wife gave birth to the former couple's second child, Eisler and his former Skating With Celebrities partner and current girlfriend Kristy Swanson have announced that they are expecting their first child.

According to the couple -- who had previously denied rumors that they were expecting -- Swanson is due around Valentine's Day. "We wanted to wait until I completed the first trimester to officially announce our pregnancy," Swanson told People in a statement released by Cheryl Kagan, the couple's publicist. "Lloyd and I are thrilled and wanted to share the wonderful news."

The first will be Swanson's first and Eisler's third. In addition to his 8-month-old son Seth, Eisler also has a 2-year-old son, Ethan, from his three-year marriage to Marcie O'Brien.

Back in February, O'Brien (who has since resumed using her maiden name), sparked a mini-scandal when she publicly blamed an affair between the Skating With Celebrities winners for ending her marriage. "I was shocked, upset and betrayed," O'Brien, who was four months pregnant when Eisler left home in August to film the pre-taped Fox reality show that premiered in January, told Star magazine about her husband's relationship with the 36-year-old former Buffy The Vampire Slayer star. "I should have trusted my instincts."

"I had said in my wedding vows that I would do what I could to encourage his hopes and dreams and I said, 'Go off to Los Angeles [and be on the show],'" O'Brien her local Kingston Whig-Standard newspaper in Kingston, Ontario. "It was a great opportunity for him."

But according to the Star, O'Brien began to suspect that the her husband was having an affair with Swanson when she flew out to Los Angeles to visit him while the show was taping. "Everyone knew there was something going on. It was obvious they were together," an on the set source told People after O'Brien's allegations first broke in February.

Swanson reportedly made sure that Eisler's wife knew the truth by late October, when she allegedly forwarded O'Brien a "steamy e-mail" that Eisler had sent Swanson. After that, Eisler reportedly "eventually admitted" to the affair. "I told him, 'One of us is leaving this house because we cannot continue together,'" O'Brien told the Star. "Lloyd left on November 5th."

Eisler and O'Brien formally signed their separation agreement on November 30. Eisler and Swanson have denied that their relationship began before Eisler and his wife were separated. "They met and spent time together as ice skating partners when they taped for Fox’s Skating With Celebrities," Kagan told the Whig-Standard back in February. "They started dating after Lloyd officially separated from his wife and they are very happy."

Despite Eisler's denials, O'Brien has continued to insist that his claim that his relationship with Swanson only began after they separated is not true.