Those who watched tonight's 3rd episode saw it mysteriously revealed that Heather, one of the single girls, opted to suddenly leave the show shortly after returning from her date with Kaya. This resulted in the Couple Men not having to decide on which girl to eject, much to their relief. What was left mysteriously unclear however, was WHY she suddenly left.

Though we haven't found a print or online news report of it yet, we've heard from a couple of different sources that Heather left after learning that Ytossie and Taheed had a child, insisting that she didn't want to be part of anything involving the potential breakup of a family. If true, its possible this might be a trigger for the departure next week of the couple, and a good reason for the producers to not have mentioned it this week.

This idea is also supported by recent comments Heather has made in print, including: "The show really was a lot of fun, even with all the hype going on now, I wasn't really worried about what people might think of me [being a single], because my friends and family know I have a strong sense of values."

More details as we get them...