Paris Hilton's pet chihuahua Tinkerbell has become the heiress' latest moneymaker, with a new deal struck for Gund to manufacture plush replicas.

Tinkerbell first gained fame as Hilton's well-dressed dog on "The Simple Life" reality show, although the dog has been used as an income booster once before, said Wednesday. Hilton marketed a book called "The Tinkerbell Hilton Diaries: My Life Tailing Paris Hilton."

However, last August, 24-year-old Hilton noticed the dog hadn't been tailing her for a week, and offered a $5,000 reward for its return. Somehow, Hilton had forgotten she had visited her grandparents and left the dog there.

Apart from the plush toy deal, Hilton also entered into a contract with Parlux Fragrances to create a Paris Hilton line of perfumes and watches.