American Idol judge Simon Cowell has clarified his previous statements in which he had suggested that the show's producers had recorded his controversial comments about some of the new season's auctioning contestants after he believed the show's cameras were no longer rolling.

According to Cowell's new comments, not only did he know that American Idol's cameras were still taping everything he said, but it was his idea to keep the cameras recording. And although it might have seemed remarkably like it to outside observers, he also wasn't "complaining" about the fact that the producers aired the comments.

"Well, I'm not complaining, I mean I was the one who initiated in the first place, so, I can't complain," the sharp-tongued Idol judge told Extra correspondent Terri Seymour (who conveniently also happens to be Cowell's real-life girlfriend) in a segment that the syndicated entertainment news program broadcast on Friday.

While he knew that the show's cameras were still rolling when he made his comments, Cowell says he did not intend for them to make it onto TV and was surprised to discover the show's producers had included them in the show's broadcast footage. "I didn't see the shows back until you guys saw them, and it's like 'hide under the covers,'" Cowell had explained to Dorothy Lucey, a co-host of Los Angeles' Good Day LA morning show, during an earlier interview.

Similar to his initial explanation about the comments, Cowell did not attempt to apologize for his behavior. Instead, he once again presented the comments as normal behavior that "we all do." "It's rather like you know, if we went out for dinner and somebody left the table to go somewhere and we all piled in and that person was able to then watch you back on tape -- I mean it.. it happens, I mean we all say things," Cowell told Seymour.

"I just got caught saying a few things that maybe I shouldn't have said, that's all."