Shannon Elizabeth apparently didn't dance around recent rumors of a possible engagement to Derek Hough.

"There's this whole weird rumor going around," Elizabeth told People in a Monday report. 

"One of them says that he proposed and I said no, and the other says he proposed and I said yes, and we're getting married. Neither one is true.  Luckily he doesn't care. We were laughing about it.  It's really funny."

Elizabeth and Hough began dating during their Dancing with the Stars sixth-season partnership this past spring, which included the two being photographed kissing and canoodling on a Malibu beach but playing coy about the nature of their relationship -- even after they were the seventh couple eliminated

Last month Elizabeth said her relationship with Hough was "really good," however there are still no wedding bells in their immediate future.

"I don't know if we're ready for that," Elizabeth told People.  "But we're really happy the way we are."

Most recently Elizabeth has been busy filming a documentary and also traveling, while Hough is preparing to learn who he'll be paired with for Dancing with the Stars seventh season, which premieres September 22.

"[Derek's] going to get his new partner in a couple weeks," Elizabeth told People.  "We have no clue who [his celebrity partner is] going to be. I'm hoping... [it's someone] who's like 70, 80 years old."

While Elizabeth is hoping Hough has an older, less physically attractive partner, she said whoever it is will still keep him busy, which is key in a relationship.

"When you're both busy and you've got your own things, it's great because nobody's sitting around moping, waiting, hoping something will happen," she told People.  "We're both really happy and doing our own thing."