Sci Fi Channel announced it has ordered seven additional first-season episodes of Ghost Hunters International, a Ghost Hunters spin-off that follows a team of paranormal investigators as they embark throughout Europe to debunk haunted spots across the Atlantic.

Veteran The Atlantic Paranormal Society members and Ghost Hunters investigators Andy Andrews, Robb Demarest, Brian Harnois and Donna La Croix participated in the show's International spin-off, along with newcomer Shannon Sylvia and Barry Fitzgerlad -- who previously appeared in a Ghost Hunters' episode that took place in Ireland.

Ghost Hunters International premiered in January as the highest-rated reality telecast in Sci Fi Channel's history.  It averaged 2 million total viewers and a 1.6 household rating over its seven-episode run.  New first season episodes are currently scheduled to premiere this summer.

Ghost Hunters, which follows TAPS members and real-life plumbers Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson as they investigates hauntings and bizarre occurrences stateside, is currently airing new fourth-season episodes in the Wednesdays at 9PM ET/PT time period.

Both shows are produced by Sci Fi Channel in association with Pilgrim Films and Television.  Craig Piligian, Thomas Thayer, Rob Katz and Alan David will serve as executive producers.