Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay has slammed The Bachelor alum Nick Viall for a "misogynistic" comment about her marriage to Brock Davies when Nick's fiancee Natalie Joy is "literally on his payroll."

"I feel like I have been a subject on the last several episodes of his ['The Viall Files' ] podcast because, I don't know, he has nothing else to talk about. He keeps bringing [Charli Burnett] on, and [Katie Maloney] and [Dayna Kathan] just did an episode recently," Scheana, 38, explained on the Friday, January 12 episode of her "Scheananigans with Scheana Shay" podcast.

"But one thing I'll say is -- and actually, maybe this was naive of me to think -- but I actually thought Nick and I were friends."

Scheana explained that after Charli had referred to Brock as a "payroll husband," Nick also dubbed Brock a "payroll husband" on a subsequent episode of "The Viall Files" podcast, which Scheana found insulting to her husband and offensive overall.

"I have known him for years," Scheana said of the Season 21 The Bachelor star and two-time The Bachelorette suitor.

"I have his phone number and we have done some social media things together. I have [been a guest] on his podcast. And I actually thought we were friends."

Scheana then attempted to guess what the term "payroll husband" actually means.

"Does it mean I pay you to be my husband or that I treat you like an employee?" Scheana asked Brock on her podcast.

"[Does it mean] that I earn more money than my husband? Because, yes, that's true. That's not a secret, and also, I don't see what's wrong with earning more money than my husband."

The Vanderpump Rules star added, "I feel like it seems a bit misogynistic that the woman can't be the breadwinner in the family. Support comes in so many forms when it comes to a family. Financial support is just one of them."

Scheana praised Brock for supporting her and their family "in so many ways."

She gushed of her life partner, "I wouldn't be able to do as much as I do, even with this podcast. [I wouldn't] have the freedom of changing schedules and all that if I didn't have you at home as much as you're able to be, to work from home, and to support me in that way."

"So that really irked me when [Nick's] fiancee [Natalie Joy] is literally on the payroll. So I'm like, 'That's kind of rich coming from you,'" Scheana vented.
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Brock also weighed in on Nick's recent "payroll husband" comment.

"I'm the only member of your family who is actually not on your payroll," Brock said with a laugh, before Scheana confirmed that's true except for the fact her father isn't on her payroll either.

"I don't have a problem with that. I have unwavering support for you... because we're a family."

The former professional athlete and gym owner said he had an opportunity to sell his business and now has "other things" going on that bring in income.

"Just because I'm a male, I can't support my wife and let her be the breadwinner?... Nick Viall, I want to stay positive, but bro, if your wife was the lead role in your family and you have a kid, what would you do if you were to stay home?" Brock complained.

"There's no need to be calling [me that]."

The former rugby player concluded, "Plus I'm just going to point out that the guy is 42 and he went on a dating show, another dating show, and then another dating show. And all of those three dating shows, he left with nobody."

Nick competed on Andi Dorfman and Kaitlyn Bristowe's back-to-back seasons of The Bachelorette, and he finished as the runner-up both times behind Josh Murray and Shawn Booth, respectively.

After failing to find love on Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise, Nick starred on The Bachelor's 21st season in 2017. Nick got engaged to Canadian teacher Vanessa Grimaldi during his season finale in March 2017, but they split only months later in August 2017.

"Then he was 38 [when he met his] 20-year-old [now-fiancee]," Brock said, referring to Natalie, who is actually 24-years-old.

"I am not going to read into that. You do whatever you want, buddy. But understand that when you're in a family, roles change sometimes."

Nick began his relationship with Natalie in 2019, although they waited quite some time to go public with their romance, and they got engaged in Venice, CA, in January 2023 after three years of dating.

In July of last year, Nick revealed he purchased the lake house his grandfather had built in 1965 for his mother so that it will stay in the family.

Nick and Natalie then announced they're expecting their first child together in early August, and they shared in September 2023 how they have a baby girl on the way.

Brock ultimately said he's okay with having a "supporting role" in his family because he gets to spend time with his child and work on some other projects he has coming up this year.

"Thanks for talking about me, guys!" Brock quipped about Charli and Nick.

"And if you guys want to take anything from that, be a better partner to your wife. If you think you're not on payroll, get on that payroll baby!"

Nick joked about his 18-year age difference from Natalie during a March 2023 episode of "The Squeeze" podcast.

"We started messaging [online], and I carded her. I wanted to make sure she was a real person," Nick said. "The age at the time, I was very self-conscious about. I was very guarded."

Despite their age gap, Natalie said that she knew Nick was The One for her right after meeting him.

"I knew after that weekend, I was like, 'I'm going to spend the rest of my life with this man.' And I knew it and he didn't," Natalie recalled. "So I was like, 'I'm just going to hang on because he'll come around.' So I asked him several times to date me."


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