On April 12, a tour bus leased by American Idol 2 winner Ruben Studdard was stopped by Ohio highway patrolmen, and three passengers on the bus were arrested for marijuana possession. According to the Birmingham (AL) News, Ruben was not on the bus at the time, and the arrested men were not part of Ruben's band.

A spokesperson for the Ohio Highway Patrol said that the bus was pulled over at 9:40 AM on the Ohio Turnpike after the driver failed to use caution when passing a stopped public safety vehicle. The trooper who made the stop was traveling with a drug-sniffing dog (or, in the words of the spokesperson, a "K-9 unit"), and, after the dog reacted upon approaching the bus, the trooper and dog searched the bus for drugs.

Three passengers -- Percy B. Diehl Jr., 39, of Orlando; Michall B. Rawlings, 34, of Rockvale, Tenn.; and Richard T. Greene, Jr., 21, of Knoxville, Tenn -- were cited for misdemeanor possession of marijuana and released pending a court hearing on April 28. According to MTV, a spokesperson for Ruben says that he has "dealt with" the incident and that it won't happen again.

The tour bus was headed for Ruben's concerts in Cleveland Monday night and Akron Tuesday night. One reviewer attending the Tuesday night show gave a rave review to Ruben's talent and music, so this incident clearly did not have much effect on Ruben, other than from a public relations standpoint. We're glad that the arrest wasn't an indication that Ruben's tour is going to the "K-9 units."