CBS has tapped Rosie O'Donnell to host "Survivor: Marquesas -- The Reunion," to be broadcast live in mid-May from New York's Central Park.

"From the Grammys to the Tonys, Rosie has hosted some of television's biggest events with humor, style and unparalleled presence, and we are thrilled to have her incomparable talents for our 'Marquesas' reunion special," says Mark Burnett, executive producer of "Survivor." "She's a fan of the show, she knows all the players and her infectious enthusiasm will add an unbelievable amount of excitement to the event."

Prior to the reunion special, the two-hour finale of "Survivor: Marquesas" will conclude with the live announcement of the sole survivor at Donald Trump's Wollman Rink in Manhattan's Central Park. With the votes having been sealed on Day 39, the reveal will be a continuation of the final tribal council that took place on the island of Nuku Hiva, a distant neighbor of Tahiti in the South Pacific.

The tribal council set for the finale, which will also be used for the reunion show, is designed to showcase the open-air event with the backdrop of Manhattan's spectacular skyline. The venue will hold a live audience of more than 1,500 fans, sponsors and alumni from the first three "Survivor" series.