Former "Survivor: Marquesas" contestant Hunter Ellis certainly seems to have made the most out of his scant nine days on the "Survivor" island. Despite his short time on the program, Ellis has landed a gig hosting The History Channel's new "Tactical To Practical" program that will premiere Tuesday, September 9 at 9PM ET/PT.

Presented as a "former Navy fighter pilot" with little mention of his "Survivor" past on the program's official web site, Hunter will host the show as it explores innovations developed for combat that have evolved into useful tools for civilian life.

In the premiere epsiode, Hunter explores the Army's relationship with four-wheel drive, takes a glowing green look into night vision technology, and he shows how GPS (Global Positioning System) came into its own in Desert Storm and is about to make the compass obsolete.

Hunter's new hosting gig instantly vaults him near the top of the list of former "Survivor" contestants who have scored some modest show-biz success (a small group which is arguably led by "Survivor: Australia"'s Elisabeth Filarski, who hosts the Style Network's "The Look For Less," a fashion show that is currently in its second season.)