Let this be a lesson all the other men competing on CBS' "Cupid" program -- whatever you do, don't piss off the waitstaff and bartenders of America. During last night's live broadcast, Rob Wiles, the sales representative from Hermosa Beach, CA became the first suitor to be voted-off "Cupid" after receiving the fewest votes from telephone and text messaging viewers.

During last week's episode, the suitors were required to earn money for their first date with Lisa. Rob excelled at the task, earning the most amount of money ($95.43) by singing opera and dancing hip-hop on the boardwalk. Determined to treat Lisa like a princess, then Rob took her out for sushi but spent more money than he intended, leaving the waiter with a very small tip.

So far, no information is available on how many of the total votes were cast by revenge-seeking American waitstaff and bartenders who were tired of "big tippers" trying to impression their date.