The Orange County Register (free registration required) reports that some of the past champions from CBS's Survivor are balking at appearing in the upcoming "All-Star Survivor" edition (also known as Survivor 8) in a dispute over prize money. According to People magazine, the winners of Survivor: The Australian Outback, Tina Wesson, and Survivor: Africa, Ethan Zohn, have requested that executive producer Mark Burnett increase the announced $2 million first prize for the winner of the show.

Since the grand announcement of Survivor 8 was made at Carnegie Hall with Tina and Ethan in attendance, it would be difficult to have an "All-Star" edition minus them. However, we believe that this dispute will be worked out peacefully ... and quietly, in keeping with Mark Burnett's longstanding policy of keeping the "behind-the-scenes" information about Survivor as private as possible.

Meanwhile, according to the paper, Survivor: Pearl Islands began filming in June and should wrap up around the end of July. Whether we will see any more chocolate and peanut butter strip-teases that lead to Playboy nude photo sessions remains to be seen.