A week after new The Bachelor: Rome couple Prince Lorenzo Borghese and Jennifer Wilson made it clear that they intended to approach their new relationship cautiously, a report that Wilson is already dating another man has emerged.

After last week's The Bachelor: Rome finale, Borghese and Wilson revealed that despite repeatedly discussing having Wilson move to New York during the show's filming and only having been able to get together once since the show finished filming in late September, the 33-year-old New York City cosmetics entrepreneur and 24-year-old Miami area schoolteacher planned to continue to conduct a long distance relationship until at least next May. "I'm a schoolteacher in South Florida so I have to finish the year there with my kids but when May hits and I'm looking to possibly go back or not then at that time then me and Lorenzo will make a decision that's best for us," Wilson noncommittally told reporters last week.

However according to the National Enquirer, Wilson is already "secretly dating" Dan Herrero, another teacher at Glades Middle School, the Pembroke Pines, FL school at which the eighth grade reading teacher works.

"I can't believe I had just watched her accept the last rose from Prince Lorenzo on television, then only days later she was making out with Dan!," a source told the Enquirer, according to MSNBC.com's Jeanette Walls. "When Dan asked Jennifer about what she was going to do about Lorenzo, she told him point blank that she doesn't have any romantic feelings for him at all and has absolutely no intention of following through with their plans to start a future together."

When reached by the Enquirer, Herrero denied that he's seeing Wilson and insists that the pair are only "good friends." Wilson didn't respond to the tabloid's requests for comment, However three days later, the Enquirer's photographers reportedly captured the pair "frolicking on a beach together."