Raven Gates skated past most of her competition thanks to her special one-on-one date with The Bachelor star Nick Viall in his hometown of Waukesha, Wisconsin.

"My date with Raven was something I was looking forward to all week. I felt like this date was the closest thing to what a real weekend with my future wife could be like," Viall wrote in his People blog.

Gates and Viall first attended the Bachelor's little sister Bella's soccer game. Gates got to meet Bella, warm up with her teammates, and then meet the siblings' sweet parents who were watching from the sidelines.

"I was a little nervous introducing Bella and my parents to Raven. I knew that my family would absolutely love Raven and embrace her with open arms. I was nervous about Raven feeling like I put the pressure on her and that there would be a chance that she would get into her head," Viall said.

"But all of that was melted away the second we hit the field. Raven not only jumped into the action with the girls on the team, but she couldn't have been more of her charming and amazing self with my entire family. I mean, she asked about spanking!"

Raven -- implying Viall is a fresh troublemaker -- flat out asked Viall's parents how many times they needed to spank him throughout his childhood.

After the soccer date, Viall, Gates and Bella went roller skating. At some points, Viall showed off his moves in the rink alone as Bella became better acquainted with the beautiful boutique owner from Arkansas.

"Skating was by far a highlight for me. I must admit, I couldn't wait to impress Raven with my skills. Not many people know this, well if you watched the episode you do now, but I am a grade-A roller skater," Viall acknowledged.

"I might be bold enough to say, I am like the Michelle Kwan of wheels. With Raven by my side and skating to 'Kiss Me,' it could not have been a more perfect ending to a day."

One might not assume roller skating is a romantic date, but Gates gushed about it being one of the most romantic moments of her life. At dinner that night, Gates opened up to Viall about a past boyfriend whom she had caught cheating on her in February 2016, when she broke up with him.

"When Raven opened up about her last relationship, I felt like I understood her so much more. I too have been cheated on, and I feel like we could relate on how it made us question ourselves. But we both came out of it building up our self-worth," Viall explained.

"Hearing Raven reflect on how her past made her stronger was very attractive. I know it took a lot of courage to tell that story."
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But the serious story of infidelity and overcoming pain and betrayal was laced with humor. Gates confessed that she kicked her then-boyfriend's bedroom door open to find him "thrusting" on top of a woman he brought home. She claimed to have beaten him up and bashed him over the head with the woman's stiletto heel.

"I never condone physical violence, but I can't imagine being a woman put in that situation. I'd known for a while that Raven had a good heart, but that night, I learned she is feisty and full of so much more power than I'd ever imagined," Viall wrote in his blog.

"When I went to sleep that night and thought about our date, I was so excited about our future. Raven is a woman who would make a fierce partner and her confidence in herself is what I desire most in someone who could be my wife."