Corinne Olympios' mom, Peri, feels her daughter was manipulated into being The Bachelor villain by producers.

Peri recorded a video of herself speaking out against Olympios' haters, who are apparently harassing the Miami, FL, bachelorette and her family, TMZ reported.

Peri is not okay with people slamming her daughter considering show producers allegedly pushed her into a sexual, bad-girl character vying for Nick Viall's attention and affection.

"[Corinne] decided there are two people that get remembered -- the winner or the villain, just like [Chad Johnson] and a few others in the last few [seasons]," Peri said, referencing the famous "Chad Bear" villain from JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette who pounded lunch meat for muscle protein and threatened to rip his opponents' limbs off.

Olympios ripped her bikini top off on a group date, straddled Viall and made out with him in a bouncy castle, and asked the Bachelor to lick whipped cream off her chest when she appeared to only be wearing a trench coat.

Although Olympios hasn't threatened anyone with violence like Johnson had, she makes catty comments to the cameras about wanting to punch girls in the face.

"Yes, she took it to the limits," Peri continued in her TMZ video, "but most of it is fake, even when she decided to, you know, lose the top. She had cover ups on when she was in the trench coat; she had a bathing suit on. It was all for TV."

Peri went on to insist that reality TV and television in general is "very fake."

"You have no idea what they cut out. When I saw the [original The Bachelor] reel and when I saw what was really put on [the air], I mean, if you pick a particular episode, I can give you the reality of it, just like with the whole trench coat and whipped cream thing -- do you really think a can of Ready Whip was sitting there in the corner by the pool in the heat? Really?"

Peri therefore suggested producers set Olympios up to use the whipped cream in a provocative manner to impress Viall.

"If you feel the need to call me, you will be getting written reports eventually. I am waiting for all of them to be collected, and by the end of the season, everybody will get, if necessary, what I feel is deserving of them if they feel the need to call me at my house -- even if it says private," Peri told her haters.

"Let me tell you, it's not so private... but I respect you and won't give the numbers out."
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Peri then rattled off a list of locations from which Olympios haters are calling her house.

"I know you from Arizona and Burbank, CA, other parts of California, Michigan, Missouri, and Massachusetts, Texas. Believe me, I have every one of your phone numbers and know where you're calling from, and so will the police," Peri concluded.

Following The Bachelor's Season 21 premiere, TMZ reported earlier this month that Olympios' parents were actually proud of her villainous portrayal on the show.

Olympios recently released her own statement, telling people that she doesn't care how others perceive her since she was only being true to herself on The Bachelor. However, after someone created a GoFundMe page to "free" her nanny Raquel, Olympios vented about how the situation has gone too far and it's not a joke anymore.