If U.S. adults were on "Survivor" on CBS, 35 percent would send Paris Hilton packing home first, and 33 percent would send President George W. Bush home.

A survey of 500 Americans for Parade magazine, conducted by InsightExpress, also found that 42 percent thought Oprah Winfrey was the smartest celebrity. Twenty-four percent chose Donald Trump, 11 percent chose Jon Stewart, 9 percent chose Brooke Shields and 8 percent chose Bono.

Thirty-nine percent thought Michael Jackson's acquittal was the biggest shock of 2005, while 22 percent thought the marriage of Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney was the biggest shock and 21 percent thought Tom Cruise's wacky behavior in the media the biggest shock.

Forty-five percent found Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston had the most captivating relationship drama in 2005. Twenty percent followed the trials and tribulations of Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards and 17 followed Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey.

Parade's poll of a representative sample of Americans has a margin of error of plus/minus 4 percent.