Kelly Fields was concerned her ex-husband Paul Marks would be unable to maintain his diet and exercise regimen when faced with the challenge of going home.

Her worries were warranted, as the 43-year-old space center missle-support specialist stuffed his face with chicken wings and guzzled cola while in Rockledge, FL, causing him to become the twelfth contestant cut from The Biggest Loser: Couples during last night's broadcast of the NBC reality show's fifth season.

"The experience here has been fantastic.  It's been a life-changing experience for me," said Paul following his ouster. 

"I came here with a person who was not only a friend -- but used to be my wife.  I've always had strong feelings for Kelly -- she left me -- I didn't leave her.  But I think through this whole thing I've learned Kelly and I make better friends than when ever did as husband and wife.  I've done way over and above what I ever thought I could accomplish... I've come a long way.  I've probably taken some of my life back.  You can't put a money value on that."

The Biggest Loser: Couples eighth episode began where the previous episode left off.

"You are about to experience a The Biggest Loser first," explained host Allison Sweeney.  "What could be the most difficult challenge you have had to face yet.  You are all going back to the scene of the crime.  The one place that could prevent you from losing the weight that you need to lose to help you reach your goals... You're going home."

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Each of the nine remaining contestants would be traveling home for a seven-day trip -- without trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels -- meaning they'd have to maintain their diet and fitness routines alone.

Jay Kruger realized it was a "bad time" to be going home for him considering he posted the Blue Team's lowest weight-loss numbers at the previous weigh-in, which led to the ouster of Trent Patterson.  Kelly was also concerned, but more so for Paul than herself.

"Paul and I are exes, and so far we've been very lucky.  We've been very successful at both staying here," said Kelly.  "Now we're going home, and it's scary as hell.  When I go home, Paul goes his way, I go mine.  I'd like to see him be able to go home and hang with his family and stay on track and do well, and let me do the same."

The next morning everyone left for home, with Paul going to Rockledge, FL; Dan Evans going to Frankfort, IL; Jay going to Bedford, MA; his brother Mark Kruger going to Dartmouth, MA; Kelly going to Titusville, FL; Maggie King going to Denville, NJ; Brittany Aberle going to San Jacinto, CA; her partner Bernardo Salazar going to Chicago, IL; and Roger Shultz going to Enterprise, AL.

All were welcomed with open arms by their loved ones and everyone seemingly tried to do their best to avoid the temptations at home that landed them on The Biggest Loser to begin with. Mark threw pastries at his welcome home party in the gah-bage; Brittany drank water when she went to the bar with friends; Bernie avoided his favorite bakery's Boston cream cupcakes; and Roger and Jay ordered healthy food while out to eat with their families.
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Not surprisingly, the other contestants wondered how the everone else was doing, and Roger said he was confident Jay, Mark, Bernie and Dan would all do well at home.

"[Paul] may eat everything in South Florida," said Roger.

He was right, as Paul was reunited with his family and friends and gorged himself on chicken wings and cola on more than one occasion.  In addition, he also seemed to eschew exercise to instead lounge in the hot tub.

All of the contestants said their goodbyes and returned to The Biggest Loser campus.  Kelly admitted to struggling with keeping up her exercise, while Paul told her he gained four pounds after two days of being home, at which point he stopped looking at the scale.

"I'm afraid that I might not be one of our weight-loss stories," he opined.

The contestants than met with Bob and Jillian to discuss their visits.  Bob was upset Dan had two glasses of wine, but seemed to get over it and took his Blue Team to the gym.  Jillian -- who called her five Black Team members twice-a-day during their trips home -- was not happy that Paul didn't answer any of her calls. He told her his phone was dead.

"Truthfully, when I got home, I didn't want to talk to anybody," Paul later revealed in a confessional.  "I see that was a big mistake because she really did care and I didn't realize that."

Paul's plan went awry when Jillian revealed she talked to Kelly, who told her that Paul said he recognized Jillian had called and decided against answering.  He tried to keep lying his way out of it, but eventually apologized profusely.

The two teams then met Allison for a Reward Challenge, but before she explained the rules, Paul received his reward for being The Biggest Loser player-of-the-week at the previous weigh-in.  He received a lifetime membership to 24 Hour Fitness.

For the Reward Challenge, three members from each team would have to either jump or duck under a rotating beam.  If the contestants stepped off the designated mat or broke the fragile beam, they were eliminated.  The winning team would win the chance to have two players from the opposing team weigh-in 24 hours before the upcoming weigh-in, losing the benefit of a last-chance workout.

The challenge commenced, with Brittany, Maggie and Bernie competing for the Black Team and Mark, Jay and Roger competing for the Blue Team.  Roger was the first out at 5:48, followed by Bernie (15:29), Dan (36:24), and Maggie (39:49).  Jay then broke his beam at 40:22, giving Brittany and the Black Team their third-consecutive Reward Challenge victory.

The Black team discussed their decision, and chose Dan and Roger as the two Blue Team members who would have to weigh-in immediately.

"Dan and Roger are the biggest threats on the Blue Team, so they are the obvious choice," explained Brittany.  "But there's always doubts that come into your head.  We could ultimately get screwed by this whole thing."

Dan and Roger than arrived for their weigh-in, with only Allison and Bob in attendance.  Dan began the week at 237 and lost 11 pounds while Roger started at 292 and shed 16 pounds for a combined weight-loss of 27 pounds or a 2.73% weight-loss percentage.  Both were ecstatic with the numbers they posted considering it was 24 hours before everybody else would get on the scale.

Both teams participated in their last-chance workouts, and after losing the previous two weigh-ins, Bob pushed the Blue Team especially hard.

"We are not going to lose this third weigh-in," Bob repeated over and over.

Paul was also felling remorseful about his decision while home.

"I'm going to work especially hard because everybody gained a little bit while they were gone," he assumed.  "I probably shouldn't have drank all that soda and whatever junk I ate while I was gone."

The Biggest Loser: Couples' eighth weigh-in then commenced.  The team with the highest weight-loss percentage would be safe from elimination, while the losing squad would have to eliminate one of their members.

Allison revealed Dan and Roger's weight-loss numbers, and the Black Team looked disappointed.  It would only get worse.  Mark started the week at 215 and dropped 13 pounds while Jay began at 244 and shed 16 pounds.  The Blue Team's combined weight loss following their fourth week competing as a team was a whopping 56 pounds, or a 5.67% weight-loss percentage.

The Black Team would have to lose more than a combined 60 pounds to overtake the Blue Team.  Maggie started the week at 204 and lost six pounds; Bernie began at 216 and dropped five pounds; Brittany started at 188 and shed three pounds; Kelly began at 225 and lost seven pounds; and Paul started at 241 and dropped five pounds.

"I wished that you'd called me when you were at home," said Jillian.

"I wish I had called you too," said Paul, still standing on the scale.

The Black Team's combined weight loss following their fourth week competing as a team was 26 pounds or a 2.42% weight-loss percentage.   Since Kelly had the highest percentage of weight loss for the Black Team, she was safe from elimination.

"Yes!" excitedly exclaimed Paul when he learned Kelly was immune, knowing that she almost certainly would have been booted otherwise.

With only an hour to make their decision, the Black Team retreated to the dorm.  Brittany, Bernie and Maggie -- who have become close friends during the competition -- discussed their option, which was a pretty clear one.

"We know who's going home," said Brittany.

Paul seemed to know he'd be ousted, but said since he has been "putting up numbers" he thought would allow the Black Team to compete with the Blue Team, he felt he should be spared.

"They're thinking friendship over team," said Paul, referring to Brittany, Bernie and Maggie.  "We're the two outsiders.  Basically I think Kelly and I are still the Yellow Team," he added, opening his jacket to reveal his The Biggest Loser: Couples Yellow Team T-shirt he wore when teamed with just Kelly.

The Black Team's five members then reconvened to cast their elimination votes, which began with Bernie and Brittany both voting to boot Paul.

"I feel like we're a team," said Brittany as Paul flaunted his Yellow Team shirt.  "I'll be quite honest with you Paul.  I'm sorry.  I thought we were still the Black Team."

"We are," defensively answered Paul.  "This is going to get ugly."

"I find it like a slap in the face," Brittany told Paul.

Kelly tried to rationally explain why she and Paul felt like outsiders, but ultimately sided with the thinking of the others in that they're all still Black Team members.

Paul and Kelly then voted for Bernie, but Maggie unsurprisingly voted to oust Paul, who was eliminated.

"Don't wear your yellow shirt," Paul told Kelly.  "They'll get pissed."

The Biggest Loser: Couples' next episode will air Tuesday, February 26 at 8PM ET/PT on NBC.